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Strummer Spring Summer 10 collection "Home" is super cute, inspired by the colours and landscape of Australia and the 1850's Gold Rush.  I'm a sucker for angel sleeve mini dresses especially in lace, but I think the icing on the cake is that grandpa acoubra style leather hat!  My grandad was a farmer I'm sure there'll be one like that lurking around somewhere..


rouli said...

cool post here!!!!!!!!!!!

love all these looks!!!!!!!!

pls keep in touch!



julia. said...

oh! i think i like every piece of the collection!

re: thank you. your blog is really cool too:)

Nicola said...

some really good pieces here, definitely agree with you though, that hat is by far the best! x

Gem said...

woweeeeee i love your blog! x


Sylvia etc... said...

really like this ''Home'' collection, the pieces are exactly what i want to wear at the moment !!


Ivania said...

love that outfit with the silver shorts and the simple striped top... sooo nice!

Amanda said...

thankyou for your kind comments everyone, I know I think this collection is so simple but so wearable! Still haven't found a leather hat :-(

Yvonne said...

Love the outfits! you have a great blog=)


tobaccoandleather said...

I love the wide sleeves, been looking for things like this all over ebay!

Thanks so much for the post, i don't really think i it will sell because it's quite pricey! But fingers crossed :) Thanks again for your support it's really appreciated


Shay said...

Great blog! I'm hooked.