Love & Skate

love,drinking,black & white

skateboarding,black & white


black & white,beach

black & white,skateboarding


Love,black & white,skateboarding

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love,morning light

bones,skeleton,black & white,skateboarding

It's still not quite summer yet, this weekend was a bit overcast so we're still needing to rug up out of the sun.  Sunday skated down to the beach with the boy for smoothies after a gnarley hangover, urggh no more drinking.  So stoked my Stone Cold Fox Hitchhiker shorts arrived, true love!  I bought a couple more pieces from the "Gypsy Decay" collection, so divine!

Tshirt:Jay Jays, Shorts: Stone Cold Fox, Hoodie: Street Hearts, 12 up Chucks.


liv said...

i love love love these. they remind me of when i lived in coolum, near the beach. heaven!

where did you come from lady..!? haha.. every post makes me fall more and more in love with your blog!

oh and i want those shorts!

x x x x liv

Raez said...

great photos! i lvoe the idea of skateboarding, i wish i was better at it!

xx raez

rouli said...

coooooooooooool pics!

love love love!



Carla said...

oh my god I just saw one of your illustrations in Sandra's blog and boy you are so amazing. I fell in love! Your work is beyond brilliant, congratulations!!

Redhead In Law

Moriah said...

Ok, so I seriously can't understand how you can have all these amazing pictures on your blog and only have 4 comments (well, 5 now :D) on this post..anyways, I looooove this post a lot! :D

kirstyb said...

loving the pics xxxxx

Between us said...

Great pics and blog!

continue like that!


LUU H. said...

reallu love your lace skirt, so cute !

M.rolez said...

Your blog is perfect !! so awesome ! ;)

XOXO from spain

CINDY said...

i saw your illustration from 5inch&up and i loooooved it! it's so beautiful! you've inspired me to draw once again... i haven't picked it up in over a year or two. so thank you :]

ps. i absolutely LOVE your lace shorts. ahhhmaaazing!

Leather and Lace said...

we love love your blog! so fun


apparellel said...

love all of these photos!