Wings Like Clouds






Well even though I'm an artist I also have a little gallery where I display all of my work, the morning light in here is really pretty.  The early morning office workers on their way to get coffee must have thought I'd lost my mind when I started flapping around like an injured bird! haha

I'm a bit of a DIY fan and cut up a tablecloth and stiched on tassles I found on ebay, I thought it passed until one of my best friends asked me if I was wearing a tablecloth! I don't care hahahah..

Lace Cape: DIY, Shirt: One Teaspoon, Shorts: ? Ancient, Thigh Highs: BW, Wedge Ankle Boots: Custom designed & made in Bali.


Leigh Lai said...

The cape looks gorgeous, nah it doesn't look like tablecloth :O

Luna said...

your so gorgeous! I thought for a second it was kate moss in the first photo! I love your blog you deserve more comments.