Angels of Los Angeles

motorbike,leather,leather,fur,fur coatpants

Los Angeles,Beverly Hills,Hollywood

maxi skirt,lace

Los Angeles,city,summer

lace,maxi dress

Los Angeles,Beverly Hills,Hollywood

summer,band shirt

motorcyle,leather,leather pants,fur,fur coat

"City of Angels" Spanish Moss 2010


liv said...

Ahh.. to be in Hollywood rite now, on the back of a Justin Bobby look alikes motorbike. In that furr!! (faux of course) DREAMYY..

Spanish Moss lookbooks always get the imagination juices flowing.

x x x x

Sari said...

love the vintage tee and long lace skirt combo! i have lace bell bottoms both in black and white, but that pic makes me want a skirt now, ahhhh.

SimoneV said...

the last photo looks like Nirrimi Hakanson!!!

Gorgeous pics. I very much admire the fashion used :) Bohemian bikie!

Little Miss Curious said...

Ahh, love thew photos so much. I would love to go there someday... :)


Autilia Antonucci said...

ahhhhh amazing !!!!

bravegrrl said...

loving this ed

Anonymous said...

love spanish moss!
the photographer is Andrew Kuykendall.