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Ok so I finally got around to sorting out my photos from Bali, I haven't really shared many of my personal photos with you guys before so this is a little token of my appreciation for all your beautiful comments and support!  This is part one and I'll do a second post in the next week or so, hope you enjoy xx


liv said...

WHAT..!! did you run away to Bali and have a gorgeous Bali beach wedding without telling us..?! That last photo is gorgeous!! and that dress is freaking AMAZINNGG..!!

thank you for sharing these with us lovey. they're awesome. i want every single bit of silver shown above too.

x x x x

rouli said...

this is amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so cool pics:))

full of colours and senses!

the last pic is epic:))

kiss my dear

Anonymous said...

loads of rings and skulls and shit... LOVE IT!

lula said...

Ohh did you get married in Bali?

So nice to have you back blogging! :)

Jennifer said...

Ah-mazing!! You should share personal photos more often!! :) What part of Bali is this? I want to go just to buy all that jewlery!!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

ummm...holy cow! That dress is AMAZING...please def show more pics of that & congrats again dear!

XoXo-Kelli K

Little Miss Curious said...

Ah, Bali seems to be so amazing place :)


Sari said...

2. your dress
3. picture on scooter(perfect couple picture if i'ver seen one)
4. bali trinkets
5. poor little board got dinged :(

thanks for sharing with us!!!

notsoChiara said...

thank you for sharing!!
I probably would have bought a golden skull and all the rings! ahhaha sorry for your board it has a big wund

Wanna go to Bali soooo bad now!

tobaccoandleather said...

This makes me what to be you and live your life! Haha. Looks amazing, i want everything featured! Including the beach ceremony! Congratulations and best wishes xxx

Planet Blue said...

everyone from planet blue LOVES your dress!!! and your blog!!! So happy we found it through where's my other shoe

that girl lucy said...

SO AMAZING, DREAM HOLIDAY! you're wedding looks absolutely gorgeous, and surf + shopping to die for <3

miss twinkletoes said...

amazing pics!!!! and congrats - I just got married too, your wedding looks stunning and so unique!!!


Rich Girls. said...

your dress looks sooo breathtakingly gorgeous.
pretty please show it off some more?
the detailing is so so lovely.
you look like a little pocahontas queen. x.

Forever Boho said...

WOW amazing dress..and Bali is a dream destination for me!It's in my bucket list =)

Peace & Love

M or M said...

You look like you had your DREAM WEDDING!! You look beautiful! and the photos of the market place are divine!! wow truly magical!

Anonymous said...

looks like a mix of Nicaragua and Thailand. Just lovely, thanks for sharing!

Zoya said...

Hey My first time on your blog !
You have wonderful stuff I will be checking back often :)
That dress of yours is amazing where is it from? Did you design it ? either way beautiful!

Congratulations btw,


Oracle Fox said...

Hey Zoya,
I wish I designed it haha, it's by the Aussie designers Sass & Bide fro their Tomorrow the Great collection! xx

Anonymous said...

hey, i was just wondering where abouts in bali you found all that jewellery cause im going in a few weeks and i would love to buy some of it!
thanks :)