Weekend Warriors

combi,cars,hair,jewellery,waist belt

combi,cars,hair,jewellery,waist belt

leopar print,jewellery,egyptian,hand tooled,necklaces

jewellery,rings,necklace,leopard print

jewellery,tooled leather

leopard print,jewellery,tooled leather,egyptian


leopar print,happy,dancing,jumping

I thought I'd post some piccies from the weekend, it was super fun and super huge.  One of my best friends came to stay along with a house full of other friends for a big beach bbq lunch on Saturday, which turned into a early Sunday morning party, eekk.  Then the girls and I had friends selling things at 3 seperate markets on Sunday, so we went market hopping and picked up some new goodies, I'll have to post some piccies.  
Somewhere along the line we ended getting silly in this little bush area, swinging on vines and running through the ferns laughing like hysterical idiots, people across the street must have thought we'd lost it.  
This skirt is the bottom of a moo moo that I hacked off because I have an unhealthy obsession with Egyptian mythology and the hand tooled belt is by one of my favourite Australian artisans Buffalo Girl from Byron Bay, I'm a bit obsessed with her headdresses too!

What you would you guys like to see more of on the blog? 

Kimono:Cotton On, Skirt: vintage, Bralete: Sass & Bide, Shoes: Nude Footwear, Jewellery: Everywhere


liv said...

i effing lovvvve these! such awesome pics of what sounds like THE perfect weekend! (so in need of one of those.) i love that you've been showing us into your world of late and your outfits. they hit all the goody spots lol.

and in reply to a previous comment, it was YOUR DAY woman, you can be bridezilla all you wanna! though i doubt you would ever get that bad hahaha.. congrats again gorgeous. the day looked picture perfect and so romantic!

x x x x

Gypsy said...

Is that your van? Can I have it!? Love this, sounds like a super fun time :)

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

are u kidding with that self-made moo moo magical creation!? not fair! it is so so rad! love when you post piccies(hehe). your style is so sick.

Sam Twin Cat said...

You have such amazing style - we need more outfit posts from you!!

SimoneV said...

The skirt and the belt are to DIE For!

rouli said...

amazin look!

looooooove everythin in it:))



Regal Rose Jewellery Design said...

haha! These made me laugh! Lovely pics x Gorgeous x Come take a look at our jewellery of you have time. Think you may like! x


bravegrrl said...

i love your blog!!! more outfit posts!!!


notsoChiara said...

super niceee also the wagon!

Alejandra said...

i love that your blog isn't always ALL about fashion. i love your obsession with mythology and i love the objective pictures you put up for.. inspiration? i want more inside that head of yours.

keep it up.

Oracle Fox said...

Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments, it's really inspiring. Ale thankyou for getting what's inside my quirky head, hehe. You guys are awesome! xxx

Forever Boho said...

Hi flower!
Love your look.. and with all the accessories it looks even cooler ;)
Happy thanksgiving!
I really like your blog.. became a follower, would appreciate if you could follow me too !

Peace & Love