Woodland Creatures

antlers,deer,animal,headband,head piece

deer,antlers,animals,headband,head piece,red hair,bohemian

This post is dedicated to Miss Penny who's opening her second  Alterior Motif boutique stocking some of Australia's best designers, yaay for the woodland creatures.. congratulations beautiful!

Ps. I was so devasted when the Light Vision antler necklace sold out :-(


miss twinkletoes said...

I too am so obsessed with eveything antler! There is a bornze casted antler ring I am dying for!


Emily Ulrich said...

How odd, antler's looking effortless. Heehee, love it.

Sari said...

eeek! that is brilliant! so cool to use in a shoot.

planet blue is obsessed with your dress as you saw :) we were shooting yesterday at their warehouse, and all the girls were dying over it. we are all dead now. good job ;)