Topshop SS11


layering,ombre hair,pastel

layering,fringe,coat,ombre hair


Some favourite looks from Topshop SS11..

Sorry I was a bit awol my lovelies, with christmas coming it's pretty hectic at the moment, I'll try to post as much as possible..


bravegrrl said...

i will take the first and last looks in entirety :)

Shinan said...

haha looks like I'm about to be broke this spring!

├ůsa said...

Wow. Topshop has really done it! Looks amazing!


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

love the groovy color theme.

and OOOOH GOODY! a new term for me to learn... awol? love it. what is it?

and ah the mysterious earlobes of sari. they are quite tiny and fall under the politically correct term of "attached earlobes."

ashley g can't stand them cause they are not pierced, and apparently we are handling that situation like if i was 6 years old and getting them done.. for my birthday.. and.. AT THE MALL.

Anonymous said...

keep seeing lots of coloured hair everywhere... I want to do this more and more!

Twins said...

They will make too the red trouser... like H&M!! Some looks are nice!! Will be in london soon I will go to see them by myself ;-)



stylecrasher said...

wow i guess im the only one who is not excited by this :/

Julia Calhoun said...

hi hun,
u definitely deserve that much attention, I guess even more than this!! LOVVEEE ur feauture on the Spanish Moss blog!!!

The wedding..goshhhhhh
breathtaking and the dress.... NO WORDS for this ;-)))

have a wonderful day and thx for leaving such cute comments on my blog, as well!!!



maeleine said...

beautiful girl + love the last outfit