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Sooo I'm super excited to share with you guys that I've been nominated as one of the 5 bloggers in the "Up & Coming" section of the 2011 Bloglovin Awards!  

I nearly fainted, fell off my chair and had to be ressuccitated back from my prism filled dreamland when I recieved the news, hehe.  I feel so humbled to be even classified in the field of amazing bloggers that are in my category.  I'm not even sure an Australian blogger has been nominated before so I feel super blessed.   

Eeek, this little country mouse is seriously tempted to book a ticket to New York for the Award Ceremony on Feb 13th and Fashion Week. What do you guys think? I've never been to the shiny Big Apple before, it would be a nice contrast to my little green apple homeland! 

Thankyou so so much to everyone that's supported me through my blog, you all give me the love to inspire my posts everyday and please feel free to show your support by voting for me here.  Good luck to all of the other amazing bloggers in my section and in the others classes too! squeak squeak! xx mandy

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S said...

Definitely hop on a plane to New York! That'd be amazing fun.

You totally deserved the nomination.. I've already voted for you :)

Anonymous said...

Voted you in yesterday sweetheart. Freshest voice I've found all year. Plus you're a talented artist, a surfer girl, and gorgeous on top of having great taste! I hope you win!

Jennifer S. said...

Good luck with the contest...you have such a fun blog and I have only been following for a short time but i love the image you post everyday!


LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Congrats pretty lady, you deserve it! I will definitely vote for youuu, and I've always dreamed of going to New York as well-you should definitely make the trip!


Unknown said...

So glad to read this! you really deserve it!

Going to New York? Fashion Week? by plane? Well, what do you have to think about?? you should go, even by surffing!! hehehe.

Voted! you must be feeling lots of good vibrations!!



Would be so good if an Aussie blog won! Good luck


liv said...

I love that photo of you, you look BEYOND bloody AMAYZINNG!! And woooo hoooo.. That's our girl! WHEN you win, it will be well deserved! DO IT.. Book a ticket now. You have to GO GO GO!! That would be a dream trip of a life time. Plus I wanna see the photos you take over there hahaha..

Mandymoos, Your aus day sounds crazy awesome.. all i read was pavlova.. HELL YEAH!! (one track mind..) haha. I wish I could have been up that way. I did see a little of the havvy challenge on the tv though, crazy! I should really make that my mission, aus day should ALWAYS be spent in the sunshine coast! I ended up having a meh day, sick in bed. I don't know what came over me, but I'm more than a tad pissy! And the hunt went wellish, I got some MASSIVE tea cups! AND saw the most gorgeous pink velvet armchair that was SOLD! I need to do a postage but I'm lazy.

And don't be sorry, I'm small time and can't keep up with my comments or emails, so you're doing a sh*tload better than I am keeping up lol. Take your time, I'll always be here stalking the fox my blog buddy.

I voted by the way. You are definitely blogger of the year! Congratulations beautiful lady x x x x

valesca aka girl on a vine said...

wow congratulations...you definitely deserve it..i LOVE your blog

Fashion Agony said...

I voted for you yesterday! Love your blog, it's such a refreshment! :)


Unknown said...

Best blog on the internet hands down! You reached us all the way over here in freezing cold Canada :)
Voted for you of course, all the best!!

Nicole said...

congratulations lovely, and i know the feeling. i'm so tempted to fly to New York for fashion week but realistically i'll have to wait till september. if you have the $ and time then go! it will be nothing but amazing :)

michelleanne said...

Congratulations! I have just voted for you.

fashion smirk


creativegirl said...

so cool... I just started reading your blog & I dig it :)
Hope u win!

Lauren Helen said...

Voted already, hon :)

I didn't even hesitate to vote for you... You deserve it! :D

You're gorgeous and inspiring, and instead of following the latest trends you wear what /you/ like! You'll get far, and I definately think you should go to NY... I would love to be there for Fashion Week, so if you have the opportunity, TAKE IT!

Jennifer said...

I'm so happy for you I just had to stop for a min. and comment because I've never commented before. I really think you should know how inspired I've been since I found your blog! I'm not lying when I say it's my favorite! I'm not surprised at all that you were nominated. GOOD LUCK!

Friend in Fashion said...

Congratulations girl!

You've got my vote :)

Friend in Fashion

Jessy said...

I voted for you yesterday! Good luck :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Karen said...

I"m not even going to ANSWER that question about if you SHOULD come to New York next month.

As for the nomination? BEYOND deserved.

Kate said...

Congrats! You deserve it!


Kristen said...

GO! go to ny for sure! and congrats on the nom, you should win, honestly : )

Angela said...

ohhh you HAVE to get on that plane to NYC - you'll kick yourself forever if you miss it!!

Soooo well deserved - and voted for!


Anonymous said...

voted. your the only blog i read religiously.

hoping you win :)

Unknown said...

congrats for being nominated, i;m sure you ll make it, i voted for you


Miss Molly said...

Congrats! i voted for you yesterday, all the way from South Africa! Good luck - keeping fingers crossed


rich girls. said...

definately get on that plane!
i voted for you yesterrrday. all of the luck in the world! x.

Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

I already voted for you! You defenitely deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being nominated. You deserve it!

xox Courtney Michele

Anonymous said...

You definitely got my vote for newcomer and blogger of the year. Goodluck xx

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Good luck! You're my inspiration :-)


Michelle's Style File said...

Congrats! and love the photo!!
aussie aussie aussie!!!



ahh i love you! what's funny is I was going to post the nomination but also have my readers vote for you because you are clearly the better choice!! lol not sure if I can make it but you should DEFINITELY GO! <3

Sophia Callahan said...

congratulations!!! that's amazing! I always keep up with your blog because of your stunna photos. good luck!

xx, sophia

tobaccoandleather said...

That photo is amazing!! Of course I just voted for you, a massive well done! Your blog deserves it, you're going to be a blogging power house soon! Haha.

Definitely catch a plane over to the big apple if you can, i went once and it was amazing, am going to spend my life making excuses to go back!

And you are mostly definitely worthy! And, I would like to add, that I completely trust your creative judgement with my work. But we can talk about it when i'm free from this ultra astressful degree stuff :) Can't wait! xx

Mari said...

i have voted for you! you are amazing

mari <3

yamina beyondURclothes said...

YOU are the inspiration, not us !!!! Thanks for sharing every day, your life, your pics, your brands treasures !!!Love your blog !!

And you have to come in NY, you're going to love it. And i already vote for your blog, no way to vote for anyone else :)

xx, yamina.

Katie said...

I am pretty new to your blog but I knew the vote had to go to you. Good luck girl!xx

Unknown said...

your deserve it , your blog is absolutely amazing !


Unknown said...

i am your newest follower! your blog is amazing


Chuck said...

Aww, you sound so cute! Congrats.

Carol said...

I voted you!
you are the best!

kisses from Spain

amalie said...

congrats! i voted for you!

Giulia said...

I love this photo, i love your blog!!


Anonymous said...

j'ai voté!
felicitations mandy you worth it!

Gawgus things... said...

I voted for you as soon as I saw it! Good luck xxxx

Margherita said...

i discovered your blog some days ago and since then i've always followed you.
soooo, i voted you on the bloglovin' awards :)
keep doing your amazing work with this blog!
kisses from Italy!


SAMANTHA said...

your blog is amazing and unique it deserves to be in this award and you must go to the award ceremony and visit new york!! it is lovely. i hope you win!! xx


Sara said...

Good for you! Will def vote, love your style gurrrl, keep it up!

Abby said...

You beyond deserve it! Your blog shoots out magical laser beams of inspiration everytime I click on your link. Voted for you!


Anonymous said...

i like so much ur blog!
we've just voted for u on bloglovin'

Unknown said...

Just voted for you!
Hope you win!
Jennie xox xox


Ashley Johnson said...

YOU DESERVE IT! Thank you so much for your constant inspiration. You are amazing. Go ahead, book that ticket, and have an amazing time. You won't regret it!


Megan said...

obviously you deserve this nomination. your blog is nuts, your style is perfection! you should DEFINITELY book your ticket to new york, except its going to be freeeeeezing compared to australia! (a straight up car froze into a block of ice....BRRRRR)

good luck on being the frist aussie! and i pray the blogging gods are with you and i hope you win!!! x

fashionwave said...

congrats!!! you 110% deserve this!! :)
there are not many surfer-fashion bloggers out there! you are such an inspiration!!
good luck and i will vote for you!!

Paint it Black said...

Congrats but you more than deserve it I have only just dicovered your blog but I am hooked it is such a source of inspiration and your content is the best Good Luck and you have my vote xoxo

You should defo go to New York :))

Girl Twin Exchange said...

well you certainly deserve it!! I am always so inspired by your posts...more so than people who have been blogging for longer. Your images just grab my eyes and won't let go!! I think you should totally go to NYC. I would love to see your blog filled with pictures of you and other amazing bloggers from your trip ^_^ Americans love Australian accents too <3

Talia Jade said...

Voted for you the other day babes!! Cheers! You're blog is beautiful and filled with inspiration.

Lots of peace & love!
xxx Talia


Nyrha said...

Stunning pic!


Anna-Marie said...

toootaal geiler blog

koast to koast said...




Laura. said...

Get over there! You deserve it!


Anonymous said...

You should go for sure! I think you have a really good chance of winning, look at all the support.

You are my favourite blogger ever, I check your site everyday. AMAZING STYLE! I voted for you for newcomer and blogger of the year.

Good luck & Congrats.


Spell and the Gypsy Collective said...

just voted hot chick. congrats. and you bloody ring up flight center right now and book yourself a ticket to NYC.

xx you deserve it my love (and imagine all the excess baggage vintage finds you'll be coming back with! ha!)- xx lizzy

Mina said...

- i'll vote for you, love your blog


Celine said...

Totally voted for you miss :) I'm adding you to my blog roll this week, would love you to return the favor.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so cool! I really would love it if you would win this! Seriously love your blog most and it would just be so cool!

In Dutch we would say 'ik duim voor je' and i don't know how to translate it but it means something like: cross my fingers (?)

well anyways: so cool!


LaurenSchoon said...

Just voted for you! You've got amazing style. I hope you win!

Love at First Blush said...

I just voted for you! Definitely well deserved to be one of the top bloggers.

Definitely fly out to NY for the contest! Do it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, really ;) I love your blog and you deserve it

xo Sherrie

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

thats what im talkin abouttttt!!!
done deal.

and if you venture to nyc you know where else you need to come!!!!! dont make ash and me pull you by your hair!!!

sonny and rob said...

congrats!! voted! xx

Anonymous said...

Voted... hope you win!
▸ http://bit.ly/hautebay , LvDx

elena said...

Voted. And congrats! You totally deserve it! Definitely take a trip if you can! You will fall in love and have an amazing time. ;)

Good luck!

HauteSalesGal said...

congrats - it's amazing what blogs have done for so many uber chic gals and guys across the globe!

▸ http://bit.ly/hautebay , LvDx

vivacious blonde said...

Congratulations ! You deserve it. Your artwork, your words and your fashions have truly inspired.
...and YAY Aussies !
Really and utterly fabulous.

Down This Road said...

Amazing! Congrats! You def deserve it and have my vote! :)

B xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulation! I think you definitely deserve that award. I have been following your blog for some time now and I love your style!!! Monika

Unknown said...

I have voted four you! You deserve it ;)

Callahan Brooks said...

your blog is so amazing so glad i found it! x

Emily said...


I voted for you, I hope you win.

You should definitely try and go to New York, I am from Australia and I had the opportunity to spend six months there on exchange studying for my degree and it was one of the best experiences of my life.



alterior motif said...

there is no doubt darling girl, NY is singing your name, you must get over there and do the Aussies proud! It would be unfair to New York if you didnt go xx

Redjezebell said...

good on you chicka glad someone awesome is helping put this overgrown island on the fashion map / Good luck ill cross my fingers dfor you
peace and light

Liz said...

Go to New York!!!

ps. Congratulations :) Will be voting for you!

Andrea said...

Woah! Love that picture.