Golden Pyramid DIY

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Golden Pyramids

Thought I'd share with you guys a little DIY I did recently.  Fancing myself as a bit of a nerdy weekend Tonia Todman (or Martha Stewart for the rest of the craftworld), I don't mind the odd crafternoon creating weird and wonderful pieces.

With a bit of a love of Egypt and mythology I wanted a swingy pyramid purse thingy to take out when I felt like dancing but didn't want to hang onto.  After googling Pyramid bags, I didn't realise that so many other fellow crafters felt the need for such a bag and there are stacks of mega dodgy pyramid bag DIY tutorials out there.  After weeding through the range of ridiculous multicoloured,sequin extravaganza, over embellished pyramid bag tutorials I found this simple version on how to make a pyramid or teepee bag.  

Because I didn't want to have to hold onto the clutch I added a metre long gold chain and attached it to a snake armlet, I also added a crab claw clasp a quarter of the way down the chain so that it can also be attached at a second point near the wrist (I attached it to my Low Luv cuff) depending on how you want to wear it.  I also found a gold snake charm on an old necklace and that became a zipper charm for easy zipping and I lined the entire thing with 'black velvet', eek that reminds me of that song ahhhh now it's going to be stuck in my head!  

Major bummer that I couldn't find gold material that wasn't covered in nana flowers but I think you get the gist.  The whole thing took 20 minutes to make and that was because I'm a gumby hand sewer so if you can use a machine you could whip one up before you hit the town baby with your new swingy gold pyramid bag thingy! xx

"The Bullet" Leggings: Sass & Bide, Sheer Maxi Skirt: Custom made, Coin Scarf worn as  Turban: vintage, Wifey Beater: Bonds, Ankle Boots: The Nation-Jeffrey Campbell, Cuff: Low Luv, Jewellery: Sass & Bide and vintage


S said...

It's stunning. I love how you've attached it to cuffs and bracelets.

Jes said...

Gahh... these are amaze hun x

Anonymous said...

Wow! These photos are absolutely amazing! x

Mia said...

wow, love it!


Marloes. said...

your leggings are amazing!
I love this set of photos

renerene said...

Crazy!!! I love it!!!


You are welcome to visit my blog too :)) Kisses!

.shea marie. said...

so funky cool babe love it.
also i featured you on a post i did yesterday about australia and the awesomeness that is coming from there :)

much love from hollywood ca
where the vintage earth angel meets the big city fashionista
shea marie

kaye said...

I've aaaaalways been obsessed with those leggings! They are actually a DIY that I've been meaning to do! I'm sure mine will never look anything like the original though!!


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

sniffle sniffle (after major balling crying) those leggings passed me by without even looking back. its a cruel world sometimes. can i borrow when we come visit ?????

xxxxxxoxo you little pyramid prism triangle angular cosmic pursey maker

Lou said...

Wow, these photos are amazing. I am loving the jewellery. I just wish I was crafty and good with my hands.


SachaStrebe said...

sweeeet shoot... once again, killing it my dear... from one blogger to another, I have a geeky question to ask of u... at the end of your post you have a toolbar that allow people to retweet, like on facebook and buzz... do you know where I can get the html for this widget? I would be most appreciative! thank you xx

B said...

Your blog is so amazing!

rouli said...


this is amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dear!



magna rún said...

I love this bag, so nice!

Mélie said...
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Mélie said...

Love the way you dress.

La colombe et le corbeau

Hanna said...

the skirt is the most beautiful skirt I've ever seen.



Spell said...

Mandy you are effing hilarious my love! God speed! Tonya Todman eat your heart out!! Spelly is forever having a sudden random a fashion desire and going off and pulling a Tonya on me! haha xxx hugs! Lizzy

sonny and rob said...


Lyrica Onyrica said...

Don't like it: LOVE IT!! Isn't it difficult to wear them?? Cleopatra styleeee!!;) (with X-golden-Rays in the eyes, hahaha! let's goldenize the world!!!)

You remind me the Radiohead "Pyramid song": "black-eyed angel"!

Huge hugs!!

SachaStrebe said...

hey foxy lady, thanks for the visit! yes I am loving abbey for versace, actually for everything! I died and went to model heaven when I met her at the DJ show this year, it was before she went peroxide but it was insane... she oozes cool out of every single pore! seriously... thanks for the shaggy fur tip, and in response to your question, yes zara is coming to melbourne and I've been told around April which is super exciting! I can't hardly believe it! now I can stop envying all the European bloggers...
I am seriously going to try this pyramid bag DIY... i love it when people post these things.
love to you xx

m.corbett said...

i don't think i could even start to think about how to make my own bag. seiously well done.
i posted about emellished leggings not too long ago. have a lil look if you like! !! x x


mustafasoydan said...

amazing :) love photos

Lauren Helen said...

Brilliant job!

Those leggings look mighty uncomfortable, though :P Gorgeous and AWESOME but uncomfortable.

notsoChiara said...


awesome babeee

Nienke van Duinkerken said...

I am so jealous that you have those leggings. Great outfit, nice DIY xxx

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Great DIY, love how you attached your new bag to your jewelry :)

XoXO-Kelli K

calla said...

hand sewn?! wow! it looks great! i'm very impressed. lovely outfit, AS USUAL.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I can't believe you made that. And those tights are super cool!

Christen Mitchell Styling said...

I love craft projects ha makes you feel so accomplished! I love those tights so beautifully studded.

SAMANTHA said...

wow this is amazing. you are so creative! thanks for sharing!


Nyrha said...

Love it! And stunning (and funny :)) pics


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

i am in love with those bullet leggings.
such amazing pair.


Lost at 11 said...

Damnn you make gorgeous photo's !! I'm so shocked!!

Rackk and Ruin said...

Holy Shit Mandy!! great work! I love it when an idea i have actually comes to fruition! I wanna make a pyramid bag out of leather now!! Thanks for the morning inspiration. xx Moly

Luca said...

The pictures are amazing!
And your clothes are fantastic!

Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

Kosmic Kate said...

I so need to raid your wardrobe!
Don't you find it annoying when the harness for the nation boots keep dropping? Mine drops like every 10 seconds I walk.


LaurenSchoon said...

I seriously want those leggings!

Anonymous said...

french expression : "j'en reste bouche bée"...no word in english
Love love love love it!
Egypte is all in those shots

Miss M said...

you just blew my mind! the pyramid bag is stellar and your sass and bide leggings are killing me!
mind blown.

+Miss M+

Caroline Hulbæk said...

soooooooo cool! :-)

amalie said...

freakin' hell! those are some awesome leggings. and such a cute bag! lovelyy pictures too.

bravegrrl said...

great diy! and those leggings are killer! grrl you got me drooling!

The Robyn Diaries said...

I love your bag! And your leggings are brilliant too, hope you had a fun night out

R x

Vee said...

love the leggings, the photography and your little swing pyramid purse!!! your amazing and inspiring!!!

callahan said...

love absolutly everything!

Jelka said...



Rea said...

I'm SO obsessed with those leggings. lucky u :)

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

You never cease to amaze me with all of your amazing outfits and creativity! I'm a bit inspired to try this DIY project out myself !


thefashionguitar said...

Love this futuristic style. You see it a lot for Sping/Summer 2011. Great!!

XO thefashionguitar

Funky Fraîche said...

The photos, the outfit, the pants...everything...amazing...very awesome <3


Love, L

Anonymous said...

wow! speechless...this is stunning!
great post!


Glamour Bbey. said...

Amazing tights!!!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Amazing tights!!!

Funky Fraîche said...

i just realized i have the same Jeffrey Campbell boots as you ^^


Love, L

PSbyDila said...

Looks amazing!


Jodes and Sare said...

Bullshit fabulous as always Mandy, seriously, you're killing it. The fact you're a Caltex absolutely makes these photos for me..

- Sare -

fashion smirk said...

this is amazing. such a talent.

fashion smirk x

le pearl said...

Awesome shoot <3 the leggings are the biggest crowd pleaser!

stephanie said...

You are bad ass.
It's so inspiring I can't take it.


zeluju said...

have to agree..damn mind blowing!
at first i thought u did the leggings by yourself.. hahaha! gosh.. that would be a chapter for itself i guess!

super nice special bag :) always feel good after doing something by myself!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

love your creativity x

Anonymous said...

wow brilliant idea!:)
I love DIY and making my own accessories and stuff... it adds more love to it i guess!


Annachiara said...

AWESOME!!! you're woonderfull!!!

Ayya McFire said...

you have such a unique style.
you've been such an inspiration, there has not been an outfit that i'm not amazed.
nice pyramid bag, doesn't look like something DIY to me.
and that's creative to attach it to a cuff, hands-free!

heylila said...

OMG I mean the amount of comments says it already how fucking awesome that is! Your DIY, your style, the photos, the laser out of your eyes, the leggings (!!!!!), so surreal, so good, so gold and so different! Wanna have these leggings...are they comfortable? They look like gladiator leggings - haha, that doesn't exist.



Shilpi said...

omfg you're so creative!



Elina said...

i just adore the way the way you edited your photographs :) very clever!


Oracle Fox said...

Hey everyone!! thankyou so much for all of your lovely comments!!! I wanted to take these photos in an old run down rusty machinery yard but when I got there the gate was locked :-( and the sun was setting so Caltex it was Jodes, heheh! These leggings are like that thing that you own that you love so much you don't even want to wear it because you're paranoid you'll pull a thread or spill something on them! But, surprisingly they're very strong and yes they are a tinsy tiny bit uncomfortable if you're running around like a headless chicken crouching on the ground and moving tripods like I was but otherwise they're fine. You guys should try that DIY it was really fun and sooo easy, hopefully I can post some more DIY's. Yaayyy, I'm so lucky to be able to share with such inspirational readers, you guys keep me creating. xxx

Hannah, stilettosandcigarettes said...

love everything about this outfitxxx


WeAreTheCrowd said...

So I've just found your blog and I have instantly fell in love with it. This post is great and those "Bullet" leggings that you wore are AMAZING!! I seriously want a pair now! :D

Sian xx

Ivy said...

amazing tights and love how u matched the purse!

Julia Calhoun said...

Ur Sass & Bide pants are ruling the world! I have already seen those images of u on SEVERAL blogs all over the world! I told u babe, u deff have an hugeee impact on us bloggers! Loving ur blog into pieces!! keep doing ur thing!!!

Kisses Julia


Michelle said...

wow those are so sick


Nikita said...

The effort alone is remarkable! Loving your creativity.

Nikita x

mynameiscruz said...

stunning leggins!

Mischell double W said...

wow!! so cool photos and DIY !! i love your blog!


Nathalia said...

amazing! love the diy project! Im going to try it!

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Anonymous said...

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