More Topshop Spring 2011

topshop SS11

Topshop SS11

I am beginning to think that this collection is made for my fringy, leathery, coin jewellery jingle jangly bones. And I will faint and levitate to heaven if they produce those lucite wedges!


Twins said...

I love this collection, I already saw so many pictures of the SS11 but never these ones! thanks for sharing them with us xx

ebonni said...

ive been reading your posts 4 a while now and im really starting to get into your style, this range is awesum
please visit and follow my blog if you can
thanx <3


rouli said...

amazin post here dear!

looooove these looks so much!


happy new tear!


Fatima said...

love the collection!


Lyrica Onyrica said...

Ah, sigh... you're so right...

I don't know what's happening to me, but I'm starting to be abducted by this magical, ethnical, shamanic and symbolic style.

I feel like submerged in a contradiction: I want that collection to be produced as fast as possible, but, on the other hand, a part of me would prefer it to stay intouchable, in pictures, so I could ADVOID MY RUIN!! (my "satisfied" ruin)

Happy new year! In China they're still on 2010! so at this part of the year, my "time being/staying" is like hanged in the air...hehehe

Ok, I'll stop my verbal diarrhea.


Lyrica Onyrica said...

By the way, you've noticed that the first picture could be perfectly a photo of you? haha

Arlie said...

those aztec shorts are too cute!

JoƤnna said...

Love the snakeprint leather leggings, but especially almost every cloth of the snake valley spring collection. where did you got the forecast of it.

Krysa said...

OMG OMG those shoes those shoes!!!!

Love Makes The Peace

Samantha said...

i love this collection it's awesome. great photos.


Anonymous said...

great outfit, love the cuff!

Rea said...

Happy New year Sweety!
I love every single piece!!! can't wait for more pieces of these collection to come out :)

the gorgeous said...

loove all those shoes!

Pippa said...

Firstly, i absolutely love your blog!!! and secondly the Topshop shoes do indeed exist!! Im currently interning at Topshop in London and have held them in my bare hands, they are too good!!