Sheer Brilliance

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi PreFall2011

Shakuhachi Pre-Fall 2011
via the lovely Kingdom of Style


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

yummmmmmmmmmy. drooling.
cannot decide my fave, eeek.

and ohhhh believe me, ash and i know the triangle of lovey is not complete without you! but we believe your cosmic little pirate fairy self is here in spirit. now, as for the "warm water" comment... LOW BLOW, loooooow blooooow. low blow!

ediot said...

amaZEMENT! i think i just fell off my chair. this is brilliant

Manding. said...

um. wow. so sexy and bad ass at the same time. a+.

ps, amandamantes.blogspot.com !

Shilpi said...

this is a really cool collection. Thanks for the share!



Alex said...

loving the fringy dress. needing this in my wardrobe NOW. fantastic pics! xx, alex


Michelle said...

looove the flow


jada and jon said...

Still not sick of that sheer look with cute underwear. Love it.

We just added tons of new winter garb! Come check out our website!



Kat said...

i want the fourth one like mad. <3

Sonya Kate Harris said...

Ugh! Perfection. Gimme!

Samantha said...

these pieces are amaaaazing!! <3 sheer. i need one!!!


Abby said...

Holy moly, have i died and gone to heaven? Well I will do when I own every one of those pieces, which surely won't happen. But the sheerness!!

Sheer makes the world go round.

Shakuhachi never fail to disappoint.

Thanks for sharing.


Hannah said...

loveeee, first and fifth♥


Anna said...

Wow, cool!


Samantha said...

Great picks! Love the second set of dresses [the cream ones]!



Fashion Agony said...

Those dresses are so sexy and gorgeous!

SimoneV said...

Oh, wow .. .

I love them all. . . .

Callahan Brooks said...

oh my god what a beautiful collection, I was just writing a post about thing made in sheer material, everything looks amazing. I love it! Do you know where its stocked? x


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

These are fantastic, love the cream colored dress with the swiss dots...great post hun :)

XoXO-Kelli K

Anonymous said...

anything maxi and sheer is always perfect.

purse 'n boots said...

fuuuuuccck me shackuhachi!!!! i.need.it.all. on my body now. nips out. hahaha your posts have been making me so jealous. i've been working and taking pictures with my fridge, you are in some exotic location looking all dope and shit. biatch! love you.

ashley <3

thrifted drifter said...

OMG! The sheer maxi is perfection in rusty orange and cream!!!

Rich Girls. said...

i love how designers are taking sheer and making it their own still.
the sixth dress is my favourite shakuhachi piece. x.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame this season is actually so lovely, because their online service is so shocking and I will NEVER buy with them online again.

I spent almost $700 on their last season through their online store and waited by the mailbox every day for probably a week and half (assuming they would live up to their guaranteed next day delivery). I left 2 phone messages and 2 emails heard nothing for days... Rang head office... who wasn't connect to the online department... rang back the next day demanding to talk to someone from that department and found out that one of the items I bought was out of stock and the others were still in the process of being sent.

Don't support their online services, if you want to buy their clothes buy from the boutique stocklists that way they are making a profit from it not back to this criminal service.

the gorgeous said...

love it!
i have a crush on long maxi skirts and those are fab!