Cat On A Roof
















So since I'm in NY I thought I better take advantage of the beautiful sunlight here and go run around on a rooftop somewhere.  

I'd like to introduce my new best friends Oscar and Felix, I found these sick suede metal tipped felines in the vintage shop across the road. They're the best kind of cats you could own, don't need to feed em, soft to touch but don't malt and if you cross them in the street I promise that you will only have good luck.  

Since I'm some kind of impractical moron I only bought sky high platforms and my feet have nearly given up the goat so when I saw these bad boys it was not only true love but the salvation to all my podiatry complaints, hahah.  I can't wait to share with you guys some of the amazing shizzle I've picked up. xx

sheer cape: martin margiela, cape dress worn at top: topshop, embellished t-shirt: sass & bide, velvet leggings: bardot, boots:vintage


calla said...

yayy! a new post on MY time zone finally!

anything with uncomfortable with painful heels or platforms is a no-no in good old nyc!!! (this includes flip flops--- road gunk? yuck!)

can't wait to see more! hope you're having a fab time :)


Joänna said...

Omg...these boots are amazing^^

A said...

I love the shoes!!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

LOve those new boots doll :)

XoXO-Kelli K

Fashion Agony said...

Awesome boots!


JC said...

Whew, looks like you're a sort of superwoman who always saves Manhattan, haha!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

Not a fan of cowboy boots at all, but these boots are incredible. They make me think of Hell Ride with Michael Madsen. They are so edgy. The cape goes so well with the boots, I adore the print on the back, it looks so mysterious (it completes the Hell Ride look). the legging seem to be velvet, the texture turns up the volume and they give your look an extra touch. It’s a black look but there are so many interesting details , you want to look at it over and over again; keep those boots shiny.

Marloes. said...

your shoes are awesome!!

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...


Bethane said...

Incredible boots. Glad you're having a great time in NYC! You look fantastic :)


Neng said...

I think u might just be the coolest chick ever!!

notsoChiara said...

love your style and happiness...I like being on top of roofs as well!
btw I added your blog to my fav blogs even if it's like forever since I follow u...
hope u have a wonderful day!



Raspberry Jam said...

Your shoes are insane!



bravegrrl said...

ohhhh THOSE BOOTS... so amazing. wish i was nyc right now. xo

Isquisofrenia said...

im so jealous of those freaken boots!!!

Nur-Aylin said...

i LOVE your blog!
sooo cool


▲▲Lacing Up▲▲ said...

FABULOUS boots!!!!!


Miss M said...

those boots are killer!!! amazing.

+Miss M+

caroline said...

you must let me know where your earrings are from (that look like gauges)... or what theyre called so i can look them up...its hard to search that style hah. thanks.

FSHNFNDR said...

Love the shoes!

nobz said...

that shoes is AMAZING!!!!


Anonymous said...

what hotel are you staying...?
it looks 'homey' and calm... picking a hotel in nyc is always such a stress....

LOVE your outfit & your blog!! <3

Andrea Mestre said...


Lise said...

Love the boots! And the blouse has the coolest details on it :)
- Lise


Barbara said...

You look so incredible cool up on that rooftop!! Sounds like you are having the best time!
I wish you the perfect time in NYC!! I´m in LoVe with that city too!!
WOuld be a pleasure, if you would visit my blog :)

Love Barbara from www.thelittlesweetheart.blogspot.com

Gabi Barbará said...

amazing look!!!
I'm in love with the boots and this cool cape!!

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbará

Twins said...

Nice post!! Amazing look, and your shoes are just incredibly beautiful!! I hope you enjoy NYC and the Fashion week!

Can't wait to see your next post!! Have fun Bella,
Kiss from Monaco xx


ediot said...

brilliant shots! love the shoes .
you're incredibly inspiring!

Vasilieva said...

these are unbelievably awesome shots, adore the shoes


Fanni said...

just perfect !!!<3<3


Karen said...

I KNEW you would score at that vintage shop. Great isn't it?

See you later gator!

Karen x

creativegirl said...

effing sweet!

Sara said...

Those shoes are fuckin rad,love´em!

Catherine said...

amazing outfit! love your jacket and boots soooo much <3

SAMANTHA said...

great shots! looks fun :) andddd your shoes are incredible! how original!


Anonymous said...

I would kill for those shoes. Seriously

xo Sherrie

Inside my head and wardrobe said...

I love those boots they truly are amazing. I also love the detail on the back of that kimono . great great look !!


The Fancy Teacup said...

The suede and metal combination is killer hot. Enjoy the NYC weather!

much love.

vivacious blonde said...

pppuuuurrrfect !!

Ugly Cute said...

seriously amazing!


Heather said...

OMG seriously your outfit is out of control!!! Those boots are just sick! I love the industrial feel to them! Also these photos are amazing!!! Do you take them yourself or do you have someone with an amazing eye take them?


Oracle Fox said...

Hey peeps, thankyou so much for the lovely compliments, thanks to my friend Karen who told he a wicked place to stay, I found these shoes and I'm on my way.

Heather, i take the shots myself, thankyou so much for your sweet words. xx mandy

the style potato said...

woooow what an amazing post, please please tell me where this vintage shop is, i wanna go over there myself!!!

Rossella said...

love the whole outfit

let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

Tonya said...

I LOVE your top/jacket! The detail is awesome!!


Nostalia Moon said...

yes! I agree with the style potato---I would love to know what vintage shop you visited (and if possible where you've been shopping around NYC)? I'm always trying to find new places and always have the hardest time finds like this!

Annachiara said...

omg YOUR BOOTS!!! amazing!!! you're fantastic as always :D looove your hair!!!!


fashion.gossipmk said...

Beautiful pics and amazing boots!! M.

Anonymous said...

awesome shoes!

Spell said...

haha oh god you're soo in your element!! haha darling you look amazing! so glad you're over there your spirit looks like it's soaring!!


Jessica said...

oh my gahhhh! how could i say about those shoes!
love em love em.
seems like you are having a really amazing fun time in ny.


Anonymous said...

One thing ! You have the coolest and most perfect style to me ! I like your vibe and your ambiance :)
Cool blog, thanks :)

Style of a Fashionista said...

Wow great find those boots are fierce and these photos are amazing totally love your outfit and very feline xoxo

rouli said...


sof and em said...

looove the boots!


Paula Villalobos said...

Great photos!

Piia said...

Those boots really are to die for! Absolutely gorgeous.. And I dig your photos, expecially the one´s where you´re jumping. Can´t really say anything bad about the whole outfit either, because it totally rocks!


magna rún said...

LOVE your outfit. xx

BASIIK said...

You look AMAZING!


Callahan Brooks said...

omg love the boots x

Christen Mitchell Styling said...

Like those had not already been snapped up this week. You're so lucky!


Sabina said...

Love these pics. They are in deed very cat like. The top one is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really love the boots!! I want them so bad, if you ever need to give them a new home im right here! :)


As seen in said...

Is that at Hotel on Rivington? I stayed there when I went to NYC for the first time in Dec and if it is, I know exactly what vintage shop you're talking about. Love!
Celeste x

Suzanne said...

My god, I'm so jealous of all your gorgeous vintage finds!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

The shoes are insane!!

xo thefashionguitar

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

WOMAN!!!! D-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-I-N-G over your boots!!!