Low Luvin'

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

Erin Wasson Pedestrian

So stoked to see Erin Wasson in town to launch her current Low Luv
collection and talk about her passions.

Jealous of the lucky lovers who attended this event, although if you look at the 3rd picture down "where's Wally style" you can see I was there in spirit, claasic. 

And Erin just in case you're coming up to the Quiksilver Pro next week and you want a daggy Qld surf chick to hit the waves with, let me know hehe.
via pedestrian TV


calla said...

i SO noticed that sign too, haha!


heartstoppingly beautiful said...

^^ditto! ha. her necklaces and chains are always on point!

Brittany Caldwell said...

i love her new collection!!

Anonymous said...

I totally love her and her entire collection is stunning! Great post, Hun :))

Neysa Bové said...

Amazing pics per usual... god i love the studded boots!! xxo -nb

SAMANTHA said...

woahhh BEAUTIFUL! cannot wait ! xx


kimchicsisters said...

love the rings!


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

hehehehe sneaky lil shadforth!

Prim and Pimp said...

love erin's outfit!!! amazing


Román Iglesias said...

Love you style, really do I

U post about ur life but ur ego is not the only focus haha


Kimberly said...

love erin and her jewelry line is amazing! she was on americas next top model and she gave them all free pieces from her collection!