Storm at Sunset

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

spell feb 2011

Latest images from my incredibly creative Byron Bay lady lovers of Spell Designs.  I'm so stoked to be able to call these two babes friends, they constantly blow me away with their creations. I didn't think it was possible but these pictures are almost making miss home already.  Love you guys and if you want Spell it up check it here..


SimoneWrenRennard said...

that girl is absolutely stunning

krainneh said...

Spirit staffs are powerful items...I hope the designers are using the materials with the right intentions. Beautiful work though!

Gawgus things... said...

I was drooling over their website the other day - amazing!

MMM said...

amazing pics!! we've just discovered your blog and we are now addicted!! we are now following you=)
keep going!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

The colors are just phenomenal, the pale pink and blue are gorgeous with the sky and the sand. There is so much going on, but everything works together magically. I love the fact that they have combined layers with just black leggings. The shoes gives it a nighttime feeling (are those Nickolas Kirkwood). I love the big, bold, ethnical accessories; they are the finishing touch. The back bag is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the outfit: it does not distract the attention from the upper body, but it makes the look just a little bit more exuberating.

freyja said...

love this, great styling


Vasilieva said...

absolutely lovely looks, amazing images too


caitlin said...

love this shoot. great styling, great photography.

Anonymous said...

This video is too cute! I love their designs as well.

losaway said...

Love the designs :)


Spell said...

oh babe - even from NYC you spreading the love!!!!! Thank you! XXXX Biggest hugs & Kisses and just made my bf follow you on bloglovin haha


alterior motif said...

Mmm pretty.. I have a date with miss Lizzie above to show me the range.. Exciting stuff xx Miss you !!

SAMANTHA said...

oh my god this shoot and collection is incredible! thank you so much for sharing i am about to try and do some shopping...


Margherita said...

she's really beautiful.
pictures and video are amazing!

Lalene L said...

Inspiring photos! I want everything!! <333

SimoneV said...

The model, and these outfits, and these photos, all just mesmerizing!!!! Never seen anything so. . .. laid back, even with that serious look on her face, its like another world!

Elisabeth said...

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these pictures!

I love the outfits!

I love everythnig!

Lost at 11 said...

What a great shoot!!

3andahalf said...

love the shooting. really good work!

the colorful kimono is a really beautiful piece.

sooooo inspiring!

Michelle said...

beautiful post <3


Ali said...

love the model, the clothes, the jewelry, the shoes. i need to see more of those fringe boot business she's rockin.

have fun in nyc. so jeal :)


modanista junkie said...

So spiritual!! Love how free and fearless she looks! Loving the feather headband!


Living like Laree said...

oh i love spell, and the video is so well done, i agree that model is very stunning

Mrs. C said...

These are amazing!!! Wow! Inspiring....she is beautiful and the fashion is fierce!

Sister Golden Air said...



Tea Joeli said...

Great blog and pics:)



amalie said...

this is beautiful!

caroline said...

now this is a lovely model

Styleabaad said...

Loving this, soo gorgeous!

The Young and The Bangin' said...

love spell they are so magical, so bangin'


Death By Shoe said...

These are so so amazing! I love how earthy and tribal they are!

kimchicsisters said...

Simply Amazing photo!

check out our blog! xo

Flotsam Friends said...

What a fantastic shoot. So free spirited. Pruxxx

K said...

i WANT and NEED that jacket/shawl/cardi.. call it what you like!

it's to die..



Elyse E said...

Lovely pictures. Very inspirational!
Check out my blog some time.

Anonymous said...

Incredible styling and location! I love how dreamy these shots are


Anonymous said...

I love the movie and the pictures! I actually love your total blog. I just discovered it, but it's so great!X

Anonymous said...

A little played out don't you think? Where's the subtlety? Not to mention hard to take this "costumery" seriously from 2 white girls? I hope they realize that these adornments that are Native American inspired actually mean something to real Native Americans. I hope there is ceremony connected to their hip feather headbands and dreamcatchers.
It's one thing to be inspired by the People, but their entire look is drenched in Native Americana.
I think it's time to move on to the next money maker. If they do have Native blood, then they should honor their heritage on their "about me" section.
A Shoshone Native American

Anonymous said...

This is really pretty but extremely offensive to many American Indian people who respect these 'outfits' and 'looks' as part of their religious tradition.

If this doesn't make sense or if it seems overly sensitive or critical, please read:


and do your part.

Tonya said...

Wow. Awesome photos. I wish I owned all of this!


HannaV said...

stunning!!! loved the clothes and the girl, I mean, she is so gorgeous!!!

Rossella said...

wow love these outfits

let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

raincoat said...

I love those pictures! I love that style and those pictures and that model are stunning!

xx Raincoat


Sofia said...

Amazing photos! Beautiful girl!! Uauu :)


Neve said...

this is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

i love the pics!!
great blog :D
we are following u.

The Lady Philosopher said...

Fashion with spirit- my kind of fashion blog! VOTING for you at bloglovin.
You all will LOVE my blog--
Salon of Rights at:

athier said...

I love that post and your blog! You are incredible. x athena


Anonymous said...

All of you need to read the Native Appropriations blog.

Angela said...

So in love with feather everything! I have to check them out!!



Natalie Louise said...

After looking at this post, i NEED it to be summer, London is too cold right now. Can't wait to get out the feathers, fur and crochet.

Love Nat, Leather & Lace. X

Sparkles said...

so in love with this!!! x

Christen Mitchell Styling said...

I love everything they do and you are SO lucky to have them. They are lucky to have you too ha.


Anonymous said...

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