Colours of Wayuu

Mochila bags are made by Wayuu Tribeswomen, an indigenous people who live near the borders of both Colombia and Venezuela. Each bag is incredibly labor intensive to make and can take over 40 hours to make each one! You can check out and purchase original Wayuu Taya bags here where the proceeds from the sale of these bags goes back to the Wayuu people.


Анна said...

i just love this bag!stunning!

Liana said...

those bags are soo amazing, i love all the bright colors and intricate patterns! there's so much effort that goes into each one, but they turn out great!
and no worries, google is always a pain to deal with :P

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Jessie said...

the bags are incredible. i love it! and so are the colors. i am huge fan of ethiopian patterns and colors.
xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

Alice said...

Gosh, I want one!

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Francesca Felix said...

I have such an obsession for all these bags.. i seriously buy one everytime i travel. LOVE these !!

GIAA said...

we represent Wayuu Taya at our showroom, love their bags! Need to get me one!



sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

amazing bag!!

i am having the same post problems :(

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MAMMAandTheCool said...

There is something even more special about these bags knowing the story of how they are made.

And yes, BLOGGER is driving me CRAZY today!! :(

MAMMAandTheCool said...

There is something even more special about these bags knowing the story of how they are made.

And yes, BLOGGER is driving me CRAZY today!! :(

Anonymous said...

The best things in the world take time to create, like these bags. Absolute works of art.

I will pass your link to my sister who is married to a gorgeous Colombian man. They both support local indigenous communities in that area.

Thanks for sharing this!

Byron Bay Botanica

Oh.Kate. said...

Such beautiful bags!


Wear The Canvas said...

ahhhh! amazing! so beautiful

winnie said...

i absolutely love all these bags! amazing post!



Caddy said...

Such lovely colors! So vibrant and alive!!

Wang's Factory said...

These bags are awesome! Have to get my hands on one



Cheers!... to the wild creative genius hearts of women, world wide.

Anonymous said...

these bags are actually amazing. i love them.

Camila B said...

i'm from Colombia and this post makes me feel proud of it, is really nice that you took the time to write something about the women who make every 'mochila' with so much love & effort.



S. said...

my mom has those bags in so many different shapes and colors! really beautiful

love, selina


Sophie said...

Wish I had seen these before. This post has already made me add one to this weekends shopping list. Perfect and an amazing cause. Thanks! x

SAMANTHA said...

This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing - I love your blog, I am definitely buying one of these beauties.


AMELIA said...

I have been looking for a bag like this forever, slouchy, tribal and authentic. Thank you so much for sharing!


SPYT said...

if you like these, check out the molas made by the Kuna indians of Panama. they make super intricate geometric designs and nature-inspired pieces from layers and layers of fabric. talk about labor-intensive.

maja said...

I love the colors! Beautiful indeed. To have one of them in my closet would make my day <3

Prim and Pimp said...

wow love the bags! and such a good cause.


Isabella said...

I love these bags. All the colors are so vibrant and amazing. I want one!

Renee said...

These are amazing! I love all of the colors, I think I might be needing one.



jessica january said...

ahhh overload. amazing.

january, x

Anonymous said...

OMG, I want them all lol

martha said...

I knew these and just love them !!
Not only are they incredibly gorgeous and unique but they also help you contribute to those lovely hard working people in a small amount !!
So lovely !
on my list for sure !!
Thank you for sharing !!

miss unkon said...

thank you for sharing not only such beaeutiful bags but a cause that cares for the people behind the beauty of this craft.
miss unkon

ley said...

I adore these bags I'm Colombian so I've seen these bags before. When I go to Colombia I'm definitely getting one! Can't wait! :)

Tina said...

I fell in love with these bags when I went to Colombia a few months ago. So much I started this with my best friend www.wayuulove.com

When you purchase a bag, you're not only making a fashion statement, but also helping the Wayuu community...Now how good is that? :)