Folk Lands

Beautiful imagery and video from one of my favourite Australian creative teams, videographer Tyler Kindred and photographer Mike Piscitelli for Monster Children.

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Lauren Helen said...

Really gorgeous! Great photos! I've always thought freckles were kind of magical... the girl is so pretty :)


Wildthingsrunfast said...

Oh how I love Mike Piscitelli's work.
Thanks for sharing :)


Gawgus things... said...

This is stunning - I've never liked my freckles but after seeing this gorgeous girl maybe I should embrace them! xx

hiPop said...

Those JCs <3

Mariamma C. said...

Freckles! I am always happy to see a pretty girl with freckles (I've got a few myself :)

That last picture is sooo beautiful!

Arlie said...

wow. i love her freckles!!

karoliina said...

Beautiful pictures =) I really like her freckles.

thefashionguitar said...

The freckled girl looks so amazing!!

XO Charlotte

Lih Tiritan said...

What beautiful photos!
I really enjoyed the relaxing idea that they give when you look at them!
I wish I could go on a car trip with some friends without really knowing where we would go...=]

viviane / hippiebohoreloaded. said...

absolutely amazing pictures. It seems, Australia has a lot of free spirited designers down there, really love that movement!

xx viviane

My blood is burning said...

Sweety post, Love the video & the music.