Angels In The Building

A little sneak peak at the 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  Bring it on..

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Lauren Helen said...

Such beautiful women!

Wildthingsrunfast said...

I love the Victoria Secret Fashion shows, they're always so visually stunning ( and not just the models)
I'll have to cover my boyfriends eyes when I watch this. Teehee.


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Amazing shots. Cannot wait to see the show.



Hillary said...

Whoa! Hot potatoes!


Laura_Fash said...

Jeez, I cried so much watching it. Lol

Lucia said...

LOVE alessandra ambrosio!

The Annachrist said...

So that's where Lily has run off to...

Ida said...

The angels are absolutely the most beautiful models in the world!

Carolina Krews said...

can't wait for the fashion show :)




thefashionguitar said...

It must be the most amazing feeling to wear those items, and actually BE and angel... wow...

XO Charlotte

Rochelle Fox said...

DROOL I get so inspired by VS ! xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Paula said...

They are all real angels ^^

Anonymous said...

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