On The Streets

Loving the layback casual simplicity in these looks..

Stonefox Magazine
photographer: Christopher Ferguson
model: Tat Cotliar
stylist: Nadene Duncan
h&m: Budi Juspandi

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Zorian said...

I love these photographs. Great post.

clara spencer-phillips said...

Great styling but the model makes the exact same head tilt in every photo!

MONI said...

love this ED with TATI!!!


dorothee said...

a little boy-ish that I love very nice

Nyrha said...

Styling is amazing


Bohemian Style said...


Saw a guy in Williamsburg Brooklyn wearing that Mickey t-shirt the other day and regret not asking him to take a photo.


Anonymous said...

I really like the sexy, casual look of wearing a buttoned shirt partly open like that...However, I get some pretty lurid stares when I try this in my little pueblo.


Lauren Helen said...

She's so beautiful... and I love all of the different styles with jeans!

Angela Leberte said...

cute photos!


laumassaferro said...

Me encanta♥ http://laumassaferro.blogspot.com/

Cristiana Nunes said...

Wow this is amazing. I've never seen it before. WOW!!

Anonymous said...

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