The Rag & Bone DIY Project

Karolina Kurkova photographed by Helena Christensen on holidays in Ishia, Italy for Rag and Bone 
FW 11/12.

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Lauren Helen said...

I always love Rag & Bone's campaign photos!

Anonymous said...

rag and bone is amazing!



laura_fash said...

Jeez, KK by Helena Christensen for Rag&Bone. Pinch me.

thefashionguitar said...

Def cool!!


Luca said...

This campaign is absolutely amazing!
And omfg, what is Helena Christensen a good photographer!

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Nell said...

Wow...I think these are better than Miranda's photos!


nichole (eat & be pretty) said...

rag & bone is one of my faves :)


it's IsChia not Ishia!

Love your blog, anyway! Love from Italy!

Rochelle Fox said...

rag and bones campaign this year is out of the world i love kerrs shoot too such a good concept so raw love it xx A Fox That Meows ♥

Anonymous said...

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