leather shorts,fringe,hat,rainforest,messanger bag

hat,jewellery,lace blouse,rings,bronze

leather shorts,fringe,lace blouse,eagle

fringe,leather shorts,lace blourse,dreamcatcher,rainforest,hat,leopard,rm boots

leather shorts,fringing,lace,dreamcatcher,rm boots,leopard print

lace blouse,leather shorts,fringe,dreamcatcher

Oh my goodness what an amazing weekend, dancing in the city with old friends, road trips in the rain, japanese feasts, a bit of market action with my A.G and making friends with a chicken called Roy Orbison, I'll post some pictures soon..

lace blouse: random Bali find, leather fringe shorts:random Singapore find, shoes: Soles 


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

i want that hat! it's perfect! have been hunting for one unsuccessfully, lame. and what is that necklace?!! i want that too! hehe.
you are blowing up... studded hearts and free people!!! yeeeeewww!! awesome!


The Little Dust Princess said...

Those fringe shorts are TOO awesome.

xx The Little Dust Princess

bravegrrl said...

LOVE your blouse grrl! perfect!

TristanEmma said...

You don't mean the Chicken Purse called Roy Orbison do you?!? I may know who you are talking about....



ps. lovely/radical outfit

Marloes. said...

your shorts are so cool!!
I want them too ;)


Kate said...

This outfit is amazing! Your shorts are so cool! xx

Nadia DI$COUNT said...

Dear beautiful lady aka my new favorite blogger! I seriously can't get enough of your incredible blog... Have flicked through the whole thing at least 3 times in the last few days (haha) Every last image is more incredible than the last. Ahhhh, so nice that blogs like yours exist! And thank you, for making me really freaking excited about going to Bali soon - haven't been there for a few years but I remember doing some insane silver jewelry shopping with my mum. xx

jada and jon said...

those shorts are amazee-balls!



styledigger said...

Wowww I love the top! Girl, you're amazing!

notsoChiara said...

Roy Orbison is dope for a chicken!!

lovely you and your style
have a great day



Christing said...

the most amazing shorts!!

absolutely love your blog.


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

I am insanely jealous of your jewelry collection, it seems to be endless & amazing...hope you had a great wknd dear!

XoXo-Kelli K

MX ϟ marion said...

Beautiful !

I love ur art , There is an article about you on my blog!!!



rouli said...

u look absolutely cool:))

great outfit dear

Rea said...

great outfit and perfect shoot concept ;)!!!!

KcomeKarolina said...

i just bumped into your blog!love it!
xoxo from rome

BASIIK said...

Your personal photos are great. I am seriously loving your style it's awesome!


Forever Boho said...

that top is perfection.. love it!!
Your blog is amazing, so, I've added your link to my blog list , is that ok?

Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

boots are fucking KILLER!!


Love your fringe purse! You look like a rockstar. ;)


Miyan said...

Just discovered your blog via afterDRK & it's amazing! I'll be back for more. I esp love your jewelry collection, I'm drooling over here!



Elle said...

Too amazing not to share, http://elnore.se/2010/december/oracle-fox.html, let me know and I will delete.

purse n boots said...

i love you! you are my aussie sister from another mister. we should combine jewelry collections.....talk about heavy metal!

ashley <3

Bex said...

Those shorts are brilliant! I love all your fringing pieces!


Bre said...

Gorgeous pictures! I am in love with your rings.

purse n boots said...

ok so we are officially in love. and we are starting a 2 person eccentric gypsy lovechild heavy metal army of fringe/lace/harnesses/poet blouses/short shorts/and beachy unwashed knotty hair (may only be speaking for myself on that one). forces unite.

ashley <3

Lyrica Onyrica said...

So beautiful, even though you're like "unfaced"...hehehe. You did have and amazing weekend! very looking foward to see the interesting post about Roy Orbison...;)

I'm very very very glad to have got to know your blog!


the style potato said...

amazing outfit, especially the rings and shoes...is there any way i can get shoes exactly like that or something similar and will they send to the us?? i've been hunting for a pair without any success....by far one of my favourite outfits so far!! :)

She Wears, She Shares said...

where on earth do you live and how is it you are still getting summer fab?

Erica said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your style!!


Rackk and Ruin said...

Mandy please please please tell me how i can get my grubby little hands on those Soles boots! They are litterally the incarnation of my dream boot.

Talia said...

SO lovely my dear! Adoring your blog to pieces!

xxx Talia


the style potato said...

i love these rings, very edgy :) aw thank you so much for the info oracle fox! i'll keep my eye out for those shoes, definitely. those shoes look amazing, and you have such a wicked blog! please keep up the good work, you make my day!! :)