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I'm like a serial pest every time I go to the Byron Bay visiting Lizzy and Spell from Spell Designs, like a moth to a flame err actually firestick.  The girls do beautiful jewellery, but at the moment I'm frothing on that Champagne & Fawn Feather Kaftan, I don't think you can ever have too many kimono's..


bravegrrl said...

i was drooling over that kimono on their website yesterday! i also want that tie dye scarf! yummy!

Tash487 said...

Im in love!!! Where can I view their range? Do they have a website? HELP, I need that kimono in my life asap xx

Michelle said...

that kimono! so awesome!

i absolutely love your style, your blog is amazing!


notsoChiara said...

you are right about kimonos it' a lovely one!


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

i love the doodles!!! i need to get an agency down there so you brilliant beach babes can make me look super rad. the end.


Tona said...

there jewelry is amazing, your pictures do it proud!
im a new follower!


Oracle Fox said...

I know how amazing are these two! Tash just click on the light grey Kaftan/Kimono. x

Spell said...

oh Mandy thanks for featuring this holy moly! Have had so many lovely new people contact us and say hello! So lovely to meet your little Oracle Fox community! xx (oh and you can find our stuff at www.spelldesigns.com)

Heidi and Nissa said...

I am a personal fan of kimono's myself! In fact, my sister and I make them!!