Friday Installation Inspiration

Before I sign off for the weekend and start packing my bags for Sydney I wanted to share with you guys this wicked exhibition by super talented photographer Keegan Gibbs who's behind some of RVCA's most recent images.  I am in love with his latest exhibition as it looks like so many of the surf pads I've hung out in and occupied over the years.  Froth on love rats..xx

Black Fallow

Ellery Guillotine Studded Ankle Boots in Black..here

True Love

Bambi Northwood-Blyth
Harpers Bazaar Australia June/July 2011

La Luna

Young Hunting's latest collection of metal magic...here


End of April Outfit

Oyster #92

Bambi Northwood-Blyth on the cover of this coming Oyster mag

No Tell Motel

I suppose now you can see my secret's out and this is one of the little projects I worked on while I was away.  I was super duper lucky to work with the amazing Zoe Grossman who worked her photography magic to shoot me in the lastest Planet Blue look book.
I had so much fun and without the insane team behind the shoot including super stylist extraordinaire Ashley Glorioso, creative director Hayley Magrini and Make-Up artist Ardrienne I would have looked like a feral child fool.
To check out the look book and pick up some of the tasty treat I'm wearing you can go here..xx