From Little Things Big Things Grow

I don't know how many of you have followed me right from the beginning but this 'here' was the very first post that I ever did..
"This is my first blog post, I don't know if anyone out
there is watching but here goes...."

Well, thanks to you I've exceeded all of my original expectations by a gazillion and somehow I've gained all of you as my beautiful readers who have indeed been watching on.
 I want to share some exciting news, as of tomorrow Oracle Fox will be part of a selected group of some of the best bloggers around as part of a network called FELLT.  This means that I will continue blogging as usual as oraclefox.com (so you won't need to change your bookmarks) but things are going to be bigger and better and the content that you've grown to know and love will only improve tenfold.  Yehaa giddup and let's get on with the show..  

photograph: my beautiful Madelyn Rose xx