The Endless Road

photography: Mandy Shadforth

Hi there my lovelies!  This is the first crochet that I've worn in a long time but when I was contacted by the wonderful Emma Ostergren from Caroline's Mode about her clothing line Emma O Clothing I just couldn't resist.  

Emma works with South African artisans to create her little pieces and the sales of her creations go to underprivileged children so that they can receive the schooling that they so dearly need.  You can check out Emma's online store here

If you're in the mood for being charitable this nail polish is also for a wonderful cause, the Sass & Bide for Natalie Bloom 'Neon Turquoise' is dividing it's profits and a percentage of sales will go to the Children's Hospital Foundation, you can pick it up here.  We can all get together and do our little bit for charity upon the endless road..

crochet dress: Emma O Clothing, Jeffrey Campbell boots: The amazing Juno- Shiny Plastic Hag shop Shiny Plastic Bag, Crystal Necklace: Shop Planet Blue, Flannel Shirt: Boyfriends, Jacket: Zara

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Gilded Age

Aida Bergsen gold rings via Roseark

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Some favourite looks from the Flannel Spring 11 collection..

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Weekend Wunderlust

A little bit of Friday inspiration.  

I don't know if I ever say it enough but I can't describe how much your love and support means to me and I read each and every comment with heartfelt gratitude.  It's nearly been one full year since I started my blog ... it hardly feels real.

Thank you much guys. xxx mandy
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Pacific Paradise

Tigerlily Spring/Summer 11/12
photographer: Jezz Smith, model: Elyse Taylor

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This Week

photography: Mandy Shadforth

A little snippet of what I've been wearing and doing this week..

1. a favourite vintage necklace
2. my favourite perfumes right now
3. down time mother nature sanity
4. zara studded pouch, perfect for on the run
5. collection of travel finds and favourite pieces
6. weekend with the guys
7. Buffalo girl sling bag
8. Topshop spiked ankle boots. 

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Oyster #94

photographer: Rene Vaile, models: Anja Konstantinova + Laragh McCann, film by: Nicholas Sweeney

Just a little warning on the video if your taste is not inclined toward moderate fashion nudity :-) 

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Le Surf Shack

I have a little crush on this amazing getaway house belonging to Chandelier Creative that I stumbled across while visiting Garance Dore.

Pick this little surf shack up and move it to Rainbow Bay or Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast and you have my dream house right there.
via Garance Dore,  NYTimes, tumblr

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