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Inspired by the colours in the works of one of my favourite Abstract artists Melanie Authier,  I've collected some fun pics from SS12 street style featuring graphic detailing to create a tasty visual extravaganza...mmmm.
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Platinum Metalico

photographer: Cristina Lopez

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Completely besotted by this look and Marta..

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Young & Free

Some of you guys might remember that I flew to Europe a couple of months ago to style a shoot.  Well, I was lucky enough to work with the ah-mazing and beautiful photographer Nirrimi Hakanson from 'We Live Young'... I know.. I pinched myself!  Nirrimi also travelled with her super talented beau Matt Caplin, who is also a photographer but on this trip was utilised for his other talent,  film-making.  Anyway Nirrimi has posted a photo diary of some of our adventures so if you'd like to read about it and see more piccies, you can go ... here, you can also check out Matt's work.. here .

If you haven't already worked it out that's my feral-hair child self in the first pic with Nirrimi and you can check out the other side of the picture I took of Nirrimi in this older post I did.. here

Matt, Nirrimi and Alba, I miss you guys so much... xxx mandy

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I'm loving the bright pops of yellow we're seeing on the streets during Milan Fashion Week.  It might be time to dig out a yellow clutch from the fox lair..
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Chasing Horizons

Last week some friends of ours put on a photographic exhibition for Scott.G.Toepfer, a Californian photographer visiting Australia.  I totally fell in love with Scott's work, you can check it out....here.  Thank you for visiting sunny Queensland Scott, we hope you take some rad piccies while you're here!

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Earth & Fire

Unearthen Prism Cuff Bracelet's, mmmm I love! ... here

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Sunday Fundays

I thought I'd share with you guys some personal photos that I've taken lately.  Crazily enough it looks as though I don't work and just hang out all day by the ocean but most of these pictures are taken during those brief moments I'm not working hard at my desk like a little mole in it's cave.  I suppose when you spend so much time working hard indoors you need to work just as hard at playing outdoors! xx

piccies include in no particular order..  1. some of my favourite things right now
2. A beautiful Pedestrian TV lunch in Sydney (my home away from home) for the launch of Sunglass Hut's latest wonderful project... Inner Circle.
3. Hairspiration
4.  Photographic exhibition by one of my new favourite photographers... Scott Toepfer
5. Island hoping for waves with the guys.

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