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native america,horses,afteroon light

afternoon light,horses

native america,mexico,desert,cactus,smoking,denim

hat,feather,afternoon light,black & white,vest,native america

desert,afternoon light,lace up,native america

native america,feathers,graffiti,jewellery

blanket,native american,cold,winter,desert,afternoon light

black & white,desert,gypsy,traveller

More from the amazing Emmanuelle Pick


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures! I really like what the model is wearing in the 5th picture.

xx Diana

eesa said...

wait...these photos are beautiful!xx

liv said...

oh my effing goh.. i'm in lovvve with every single one of these! you always find THE best images. these are too beautiful. the second one is my favourite though. i'm stealing it lol.

x x x x Liv

tobaccoandleather said...

That first picture is stunning!! I'm nicking that one :) Thanks for your comment, i'm really excited for this project, but it's quite worrying knowing it lasts all year! A good opportunity though.

Oh and the Pucci dress, amazing! I'm dying for it too xxx

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I keep seeing this model everywhere and she is just incredible - I love these pics, they're so inspirational! x


Marta said...

absolutely fabulous shots!

Moan said...

Very beautiful shots. I love the feeling they portray, as well as the fashion style.



rouli said...

really amazin post here!!!!!!!

love the model:)



Rackk and Ruin said...

fantastic photos. I think the second to last is my favorite though. xx molly

Isquisofrenia said...

this editorial is so cool , i really like the horse one and the feathers and everything else!!!

Das What She Said said...

Makes me want to run around in a desert haha

BECKY MAY said...

this editorial is amazing!

love your blog.


liv said...

BALI..?! get out.. stuff the blogging for 3 weeks lady, you'll be in heaven! hahaha. (what will WE do..??) no, it will be hard, but your just going to have to blog over time before you leave. otherwise we may have to hunt you down and crash your holiday. who knows what oracle fox withdrawals will do to us!? =(

x x x x

Simone Rennard said...

oh my god these are amazing !