Fendi Bucket


I'm so in love with this whole look on Anja, but I think mostly I'm in love with her Fendi bucket bag!

Hoping you guys had a lovely weekend! Started with a romantic and yummy dinner on Friday night, a girls catchup on Saturday night followed by an early morning surf mission ending in a bingle requiring xrays, eeek, luckily no broken bones though, I'm not having much luck at the moment with crazies in the surf..you know who you are, haha...


liv said...

I want.. that bag! The amazing people that make such things blow me away.. If only.

And you poor love, besides the end of it, that sounded like a very great weekend had, but are you ok? Hope your resting up right now with some soul food and day time telly. definitely a good day for it! haha

Thank you for letting me know of Lizzy's post. Goh love her! And you. You're both such gems.

x x x x

Unknown said...

poor Mandy I'm sorry to hear about your xrays....however talking about serious things I never really liked Fendi but after seeing this bucket I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeee
now I'm gonna find out how much does it cost...
nice white coat too!



jesus that is insanely good!