Worlds Collide


Illustrating is definately not my strong point, but I like doing portraits.  I just finished this drawing for the beautiful Thessy & Yiota from Sabo Skirt..


liv said...

Lady, that is f*cking amazing. stunning. insane!!!! you are so bloody talented. i love this!

and i'm so glad to hear your better. it's always the men isn't it lol. he better be putting in over time and looking after you with lots of spoiling and shoulder rubs! =P

x x x x Liv

bravegrrl said...

i agree.... major talent. love it.

samia said...

omg! this is so wonderful. you really are talented. i especially love the skull and the girl on the lefts cheekbones + eyelashes.

draw me one if you ever have the time haha:

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

i love your art. please post all of it hehe. including doodles, especially the doodles. :)

what does unco mean? :)
ugh,i wish i was aussie!

Sara - Harper and Harley said...

illustrating is not your strong point? you just knocked my socks off, this is fantastic!

Caddy said...

It's an amazing drawing and you said it wasn't your strong point????!!!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

this is fucking amazing!


ediot said...

this is so beautiful
well done! love it

Aleen said...

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These photos are just amazing! Best and most imaginative I havve seen in a long, long time . ..

Thanks for sharing!!!

Julia said...

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