The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates


The Degenerates

The Degenerates

The Degenerates

Planet Blue lookbook

 Featuring two of my favourite hottie-hotpant loverchildren, miss Ash and miss Sara and the beautiful miss Malia.. xx


heart stoppingly beautiful said...

cant go wrong with short black dresses n tan boots

Shewearscrazywell said...

I agree with Caroline...not to mention the awesome jewelry they are sporting...big ol' turquoise rings....yum! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Anonymous said...

I like how these black dresses look feminine but badass as the same time

xo Sherrie

jada and jon said...

so good. love these pics. amaazing.

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Kat said...

i love the dark teal hair in the third picture.. <3

Michelle Lee said...

love this lookbook

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Taylor said...

I love this. The new American Gold stuff is amazing, and I have to own that crystal cross.

Chelsealauren said...

this if FANTASTIC.

i'm obsessed with ashley's blog

Melika said...

So so so gorgeous. I die for these clothes. xx



Raspberry Jam said...

Those photos are very beautiful!



Miss Molly said...

seriously beaut pics. love the one of the model on the pool table!


Luca said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Great looks, lovely girls. I like the blond/red/brown hair!

xo thefashionguitar

ashley h said...

i just saw both ashley and sarah in planet blue last weekend :) such nice girls and they both have great style, of course!! xx

xx said...

omg im obsessed! these are amazingggg

amy said...

all three girls have such different features. what beauties!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Callahan Brooks said...

wow. what a lookbook! x

SPYT said...
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SPYT said...

i somehow just NEED that black long dress. its dangerous to live within biking distance of planet blue...


SRS said...

this is incredable! your such an inspiration x

nadine ahmad said...

love the hair colour, like the witches of eastwick!


Lonesome Mama said...

Love this lookbook!