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My friend Griffo is a ratbag, his birthday party on the weekend had a bit of cowboys and indian theme, with a couple of farm animals included, hehe.
*this post is not intended to be racially insensative and those wearing native american costumes did so with permission from native armerican associates. 


valesca aka girl on a vine said...

LOL..awesome! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

its still pretty offensive. its not a costume, its not a made up character, its a real culture, not some fairy tale from a disney movie.

LopezJennyLopez said...

Seems like so much fun!!!!

Shilpi Tomar said...

hah! Charming photos



What is Reality Anyway? said...


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I always love a theme party. love to see how people really havind fun. Oh back in the days where we were all playing cowboy and indians.

alterior motif said...

Awesome outfits, what a great idea for a theme party! Bet you had a little too much fun me thinks! You are really getting some good wear out of that hat lover xx

Unknown said...

Looooveeee dressing up parties!!

One day I won a contest of a fashion magazine (pppff) and they would send to my house a cocktail-man!! so I invited people and, to make it more "glamourous", they had to come dressed up as the famous figure they looked like most! No one came as Kesha, haha. It was fun! another friend made a "cartoon character" party, another a "80's party"... I always try to join!! and your party dress up is such a good ideaaaa!!

Bang, bang, bang!!

Callahan Brooks said...

looks like so much fun!!! x

Miyan said...

cute, cute costumes, love theme parites!!!



Michelle said...

hahaha love it!


Anonymous said...

Permission from a few associates does not make it okay. Playing dress up with cultures is insulting. End of story.

Anonymous said...

If you're not intending to be "racially insensitive" why would you then need to give the excuse that you have "permission" immediately after?