Goodbye New York

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

NY Part 2 Feb 2011

Hey loverats, I thought I'd better post some of my favourite images from my last days in the Big Apple.  

Just a few highlights..avocado on rye at Gitane, attempting to convince Carolina to visit Australia(I think I may have had some success, hehe), meeting Bryan Boy, Bess love, Bodkin presentation, Paper Magazine beats, Leopard Milkshake's ring collection, drooling over Lindsey Thornburg's cloaks of magic, 

I'd like to say a massive thank you to the amazing and wonderful team at MODE PR, my wonderful friend Karen for showing me around, and Kyle and Sloan from Bumble & Bumble for showing me how to tame my feral child hair. 

I took a juicy bite of the big red apple and I think I liked it, you know what they say 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.. xx


Melika said...

You are too fabulous for words. Avocado has been my obsession as of late + Bumble & Bumble products are amazing! Glad to hear your trip was fun. xx



ediot said...

great post. thanks for sharing these shots. and oh. now i realize that you wasn't even in la. sorry for that.. just thought you was. anyways, very envious of you having a nice trip to n.y. hope to go there soon

Bonnie Friday said...

Oh gosh I am so jealous these photos are amazing! It looks like so much fun lovely!


Bonnie Friday

Unknown said...

brilliant shots, absolutely amazing


† Faire La Gueule † said...

Rad snaps, great eye of yours.
I´m totally obsessed with Bess...just wish it could be a little more cheaper ;)

Anna said...

pretty great pics! .)

Jessica Esther said...

it's fun to see your photos in NY.
you're gonna miss that, arent you?
loving all your outfits!
bet you had so much fun there!


paper moon said...

And how do bumble an bumble say to tame your feral child hair? Any tips gratefully received!! Love your steel toe boots xx

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

the bicycle is so typical NYC, this thing you can only find in that fashionable city. Finally somebody who loves BESS!!!!! I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to stay true to yourself, these pictures are soooo you. You can capture the whole ‘Oracle Fox atmosphere’ in a pic, no matter where you are. My favorite part: your accessories, always so bold/ethnical/bohemian. The ceiling, is it the Soho House???

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing, your trip looks fabulous! xx

Maria said...

Ooh everything just looks PERFECT!!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Great pictures, looks like you had an absolute blast doll :)

xoXO-Kelli K

Anonymous said...

you captured everything sooo perfectly <3


NA said...

Can i ask you where these amazing boots from? with the studs, they are stunning!!!


KimChicSisters said...

amazing shots!


KimChicSisters said...

amazing shots!


Kristen said...

oh man, so many great pics in one post! thanks for sharing : )

Karen said...

Always amazing : )) I love these so much.

The shot of our feet with the coke bottles is fantastic. I STILL need to do a NY with us post. argggh!!!

So glad you loved NY. Now you know where to go when you come back.

Love from

karen & Michael

Bethane said...

Lovely photos :) looks like you had an amazing time! Yours is my favourite blog your posts are always lovely, and you have great style, not to mention an incredible talent in regards to your artwork.


rouli said...

cool post here!!!!!

Unknown said...

That avocado on rye looks delicious!!!!
Lovely boots and pictures



Unknown said...

Love the ring pics, and the diet coke pic should be a ad for them very very cute! NYC is the best ever!

mariana said...

that thing to cover the bike is amazing!! nice photos :)

please "like" my blog's page on facebook!

Remington said...

nyc is my favorite place. i adore your style & photos. . . the white fur with the lover dress is amazing. In photo five, there is quite a lovely white ring and bracelet combination, is it vintage? . .

again, lovely blog & i almost went to the stonecoldfox party last weekend, wish i had gotten the chance to run into you!



SAMANTHA said...

Your photos are fantastic as always. New York is one of the best places in the world, I sooo wanna visit australia tho !! xx


Fashion Pirate said...

Ah i love photo diaries!
Stunning pictures as usual, i always look forward to checking out your inspiring blog updates :)

Vogue Villain said...

Beautiful pictures!
I LOVE Manhattan. I want to move there but I just can't do cold winters :(

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

you sooooo failed to mention about cafe gitane!!! YUM!!!!! but i guess you were too busy dipping fried things into ranch dressing when you were with us :) ohhhh lil country mouse does so well in the city :) we all miss you!

Anonymous said...

is that karen's gnarled hand!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Australia is awesome, please do come down under :)

Footwear said...

I like that footwear really nice
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Talia Jade said...

Your photos are AMAAAAZE! So jeally, and dyyyying for a trip to Australia so soon!

xxx Talia

Sister Golden Air said...

Great post. Really makes me wanna go back to NY. I love the picture with all the big tribal necklaces. Looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your bohemian style and the collection of studded boots ö. Could you pleas tell me what they're from? ♥-Axelle


fashion clocked said...

heautifulllllll wow all these pics are awesome- looks like an unreal experience. Got to say your jewelrey is out of this world- and the last shot double cuff thing- something i have been wearing too and i cant get enought of it! Katie.xx
fashion clocked

Unknown said...

stunning really stunning especially the jewelary pieces! I think i'm going to have to hunt them down. :)

Check out my blog please

TheClocktowerForest said...

Are the turquoise, coral, and silver necklaces (6th picture) draped around your neck? If so, I might be a bit jealous.


Tea Joeli said...

Great style:)

Love your blog:)



Gabriela said...

Love the photos! I'm sure you'll return to NYC soon! Gabriela xx


Bex said...

Brilliant pictures, those shoes are immense!


Daša Lončarević said...

Love your blog and that photo of hotel empire wow:)



polliani said...

I simply love your pics


Cocoloni said...

Brilliant potos !
Xx http://cocoloni.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

One of the nicest blog posts in the past weeks! Amazing photos!! Thanks so much for sharing lovely!

xo thefashionguitar

Vision of a Dreamer said...

Great photos!!

Kisses from

Anonymous said...

haha! Knitted bikes so cooooolll!


Stylesis said...

WOW, amazing pics! U have such a fabulous style!

Check out our new fashion/photography blog, maybe u have any advice or tips... :)

Anonymous said...

Your outfits are stunning!! Great post....

Collections said...

The silver toed shoes and pendelton coats are AMAZING.


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