Paper Scissors










 Spell Designs are doing nothing for my savings account..


Eliseb.♥ said...

Yep...Me either... and I'm from Canada so add the shipping with that lol. But they are so worth it =)

"coy" colleen said...

j'adore this lookbook

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

Lol, I call it an investment, I like to believe that true fashion never will lose their value. But again, you are true to yourself. I can definitely feel the bohemian/ethnic vibe. The pale colors look fabulous, I love the different textures. Especially of that top. The accessories are a little bit more bold than the garments, but the clash looks phenomenal. Ps I adore the setting

Mia M. said...

this jewelery...wow, maybe you should start creating your own jewelery, I but you have more than enough ideas for that! :)



vivacious blonde said...

seriously. SERIOUSLY. gorgeous.
the clothes, the jewels, the styling... just flawless !

tobaccoandleather said...

If i had a savings account, it would probably be blown on this stuff too!

Hahaha, I loved that comment on my prints, look out - foxy's coming for ya!! It happens to be a girl on my course, it really is unbelievable, but i take comfort in the fact that she's not very good. She just draws everything i ever draw and with no shame, very annoying.

Anyway, the graduate fashion week thing i don't think is happening, i would have to completely rearrange my project and pay to get the garments made professionally, which is money i do not have, it was a nice compliment to be considered anyway!

The New York photo's look amazing, i bet you will be back there in no time!! I'm thinking a new year trip at some point as the flights are a lot cheaper.. but who knows!

Can't wait for some foxy sugar in the form of a new outfit post!


Bethane said...

Wow I need to get me some of them bad boys! That model is so stunning, what a gorgeous shoot, it certainly does the job. In agreement with tobaccoandleather above, I am yearning for an outfit post! :)
peace x


Spell and the Gypsy Collective said...

You're sweet as god-darn cotton candy my love : ) Thank youuuu!

Been salivating over your NY/LA pics... DEE-effing-VINE!


KimChicSisters said...

great photos!


Catherine said...

she is so gorgeous. amazing shots!

Shirin said...

She is so prerry! & I loveee those clothes



Maria Maliki said...

beautiful shoot

Elisabeth said...

What kind of camera do you use? And were do you edit youre pictures?

Anonymous said...


Bex said...

Gorgeous photos, the model is so beautiful.


Christen Mitchell Styling said...

Eh agreed! The images are beautiful so are the pieces.


rich girls. said...

the first shot is especially beautiful. x.

persona non gratta said...

la couleur des ongles est horrible !!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are extremely beautiful! I want the model's hair, freckels and pout, she's gorgeous and so srene. Spell has the most amazing jewellry ♥-Axelle


maria. said...

you are absolutely gorgeous!

Isabel Hendrix said...

oooh my god! These photographs are amazing.. If I had money oh how I would go crazy buying items like these.. hmmm..


Callahan Brooks said...

im in love with the crochet! x

3andahalf said...

I fell the exact same way! gorgeous stuff!!
Loving all the jewlry post you do!

Anonymous said...

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