Birds Of A Feather






Alice McCall AW2011


Jessica Esther said...

o gosh this is beyond beautiful!
the jumpsuits are adorable.
love the 2nd one!


Luca said...


Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

a perfect model for a perfect shoot. what a unbelievable gorgeous girl. her cheekbones are phenomenal. my favorite, the suit: the wide of the trousers are incredible fabulously done. I'm not sure that is will work for everybody. the little dress reminds me of the 80's; so are we going back to little small dresses???

amalie said...

wow, this is stunning! deff gonna check this out.

Unknown said...

totally edgy and dynamic, loved the shoot


Elegantly Wasted said...

That second jumpsuit...!



Becky Jean said...

yes yes please please very please to dress number 4! X!


GIAA said...





thefashionguitar said...

Love the jumpsuit with the dots!!

xo thefashionguitar

Patient x said...

this editorial is amazing.the first dress is so delicate!


rouli said...

i want that 2d pic body!

so hot!

great mini printed dress!


MoandKa said...

way to cool shoot!

Copper Etiquette said...

Very Artisitc. www.copperetiquette.wordpress.com

Flotsam Friends said...

The fashion is out of this world but it's the lime green and dusty pink walls I adore. Pruxxx

yamina beyondURclothes said...

great, everytime i asked myself why i love fashion and then i check your blog, and the answer is obvious

xx ♥ yamina.

Kimberly said...

love these photos so amazing!


Melissa said...

Love the clothes but I've never been a big fan of her... Tallulah, right? don't know, just something about her irks me. I know all the cobra snake devotees are wishing I were dead right now, but it's just how I feel!!



Brit Nason said...

mands! promise me next time you're in LA you'll come by and see meeeee!!! hopefully by then i'll have it all set up (and yes, totally going for an erin wasson surfer vibe!!!!)
thanks so much for all the love- can't wait to get my ass in there and start doing things!

hurry up and get back to cali!

smokey onix said...

love this last one



Patricia said...

Great photos...

Mia M. said...

omg, totally awesome, I need every single piece! SO amazing!!! I scrolled down and was like "I need that I need that I need that..." yeah...but I need to save my money for a big trip, no shopping right now, aaawwwe, but thank you mandy, great inspiration I love it!



Unknown said...

Loving all the outfits!

Xx One More Chance

Sophie said...

I'm in need of the black and mesh jumpsuit. So tech modern.

Anonymous said...

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