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I wanted to share with you guys some of the golden goodness of what I picked up while I was away..

1. copper and crystal coated vintage leather bag  2. blanket bucket bag..markets  3.  watch braclet..planet blue  4.  vintage boot spurs  5.  poison vial necklace..markets  6.  tusk mug..antique 
7.  turquoise ring..markets  8. Crystal bookends..planet blue  9. Slave Bracelet..vintage  10.  tibetan metal pouch..markets  11.  cage cuff..andrea neen  12.  beetle necklace..markets  13.  bullet/crystal pendants..markets


Mrs. C said...

What amazing finds! The turquoise ring is my favorite along with the slave bracelet. LOVE LOVE LOVE


Virginia Ibarra said...

awesome stuff! love the crystal book ends and everything else...the beetle necklace is so cool!

The Clever Clothier said...

the tibetan metal pouch is such an amazing find...i adore the mix of goods!


ediot said...

there are so many great pieces here.
hope you're having a good midweek lovely

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

omg. what did you just do???? "hide your wife! hide your kids!" everyone is going to be sooooo jealous of you now. we already know how beyond you are! hehehehehhe. but really, super in love with all these beauties. i would like to come over now and just stare at them, thank you.

Miss Molly said...

these are possibly the best finds i have ever seen! wow -


Maria Maliki said...

and i waaaaaaaaaaant 7 :D

S said...

Those crystal bookends - oh my gosh. They are so gorgeous.

Laura Mashir said...

Such wonderful finds!I love rings!they are so great!

WOLFCUB said...

no waaay the crystal bookends are insaane, having heart palpitations x

2befab said...

hi there!!!!!!!!!
what an amazing blog...
if you want we could follow each other...
let me know...

rouli said...

cool jewellery!

love the bag!

Lalene L said...

I would loveee to raid your jewelry boxxx! Such beautifully detailed pieces! I also own that metal pouch!!! <333

Lonesome Mama said...

To much of the good stuff I must say!

Catherine said...

amazing! I simply LOVE EVERYTHING.

SAMANTHA said...

Absolutely incredible: extreme jealousy right now :) I love the purse so much.


koko // res pulchrae said...

The cage bracelet is beautiful! Looks like you're all set with accessories for the summer :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with these! ♥-Axelle


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Great finds doll, love all the crystals :)

XoXo-Kelli K

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pieces!!
Your house is like a little gallery of pretty insane things!
You´re talented!

amalie said...

LOVE all of this! the gold and the details are so perrrrtyy.
i want your bucket bag! and maybe everything else too....

Karen said...

Speaking of finds guess what? I saw Martha from Gypsy Nation and they had one of those leather face bags that she showed us a sneak pic of from her phone.

I tried it on. Its lovely but not as OMG amazing as I first thought. (its 400 for it).

If Planet Blue was in NY I think I'd be in serious trouble (translation: more debt).

DoubleK. said...

Are you kidding me? Where does one find such treasures? I would dieeee if I stumbled upon markets selling stuff like this.

Thea said...

Words cannot describe how much i love love love your bolg! Can i be you? ha. Keep up the good stuff. x

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

can i get enough of these curiosities, no. every single one of them is magnificent. and the thing is, i would never notice them in a shop. but you make them shine and you give them the attention they deserve. some of the things i don't even know what they are, but it doesn't matter. just like looking at them.

Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

incredible <333 i love all the planet blue stufff


Taylor said...

Are the bags Copa Collection? I want one so bad, but they're so hard to find! They seem to pop up online every now and then but I always miss out. Your jewelry is so amazing, I really love the crystal pendants too.

Bex said...

Beautiful finds, you lucky thing! You have such an amazing collection of jewellery, can't wait to see how you wear some of these.


Kaitlyn Ham said...

It's been said many times over already, but holy hell those crystal book-ends are off the hook woman!

x K
-An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

Collections said...

These things are insanely gorgeous. Love the turquoise ring.


Anonymous said...

girl you have a wonderful collection!
every time I visit your blog I'm going with a smile and a lot of inspiration.
My navigation through the network would not be the same without knowing your site.
when something is beautiful is good to give him the credit that deserves!!


JENNA L. said...

dude you seriously have an eye for the unique. everything here is unbelievably amazing.
i want it all... but seriously LA is pretty darn incredible for those one off finds, especially some of those vintage stores along melrose.

the copper and crystal vintage bag is just plain mean... I ♥ it

I'm Just a Gal

June Avenue said...

You found a treasure!! I love your style, it is so one of a kind... I'll follow your blog from Germany.


sara said...

I´m sorry but fuck, shit fuck! I want it all!

Patricia said...

great pieces u have there...


clementeen said...