Summer Set





Get out your bikini's, wax your board and smother your booty in coconut lotion baybayy!  Summer is just around the jack horner for all you northern hemisphere shaggin'wagon funlovers so I'm getting you in the mood for some summer lovin, yewww!
wifey: bonds, snakeprint hotpants: maurie & eve, wooden platforms: vinage, diy flower wreath, grandma's handmade blanket..god bless her cotton socks


jada and jon said...

That van is siiiick! Makes me want to pack up and just get out on the road.

If you want some vintage clothing to go along with the ride, come check us out!



Stephanie said...

I love your blog and photos! yay can't wait for summer '11 babyyyy!



love it




Anonymous said...

Sigh, it is wayyy too cold here for me to even think about summer. I really want it to come sooner than later!

xo Sherrie

ediot said...

loove these shots!so fantastic and full of joy!

Åsa said...

Love the pictures! Looks beautiful!


Sister Golden Air said...

Aaaah that looks great. Summer is definitely not around the corner here. I think it'll be another 3 months, so I'll comfort my self with all the Californian blogs:)


dana said...

ahhh thx mandy! need this so bad in my cold cold city...LA ?! add my band's summer anthem to your beach day playlist :) http://indiangoldrecords.blogspot.com/2011/01/batwings-catwings-endless-summer-remix.html

Mauimandy@The Grains of Paradise said...

Ahhhhh I would kill for a Byron surf trip right now!!!
Aloha xo!

Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

Amazing photos!

Unknown said...

thanksss but here it's snowing ahhaha



Erica said...

Love your toe nail colours!

Jealous of your summer, Sydney's summer has been absolutely terrible.

once&more said...



Miss Molly said...

this is a super cute post, i love the pic of you jumping on the rocks!


Firdaus said...

Hahah nice pics, and i love the wedges, but the best part of this post are the words below..you're a joker.."northern hemisphere shaggin'wagon fun lovers?" Love ittt



Sally Kamille said...

I love the second photo! :)

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Such fun pictures, loving the shades of polish doll :)

Xoxo-Kelli K

Anonymous said...

The perfect hippy feeling !! Love the nail polish in different colours

xo thefashionguitar

Arlie said...

ooh! the blanket is amazing in these pictures!

Heather Cavanaugh said...

What lovely photos! It makes me want to cry bc I am SO ready for summer!!!


rikke estrup said...
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rikke estrup said...

I love that you are always moving or doing something in your photos. It makes them look more alive and dynamic!

Love both your outfit and your photoes!


Jessica Esther said...

cute shoes. gahhhh i always love your photos!
i dont have words to describe my adoration to your blog!!


Bethane said...

These are lovely, especially as I'm pining for summer. It's dark and grey in London town today as usual :(

peace x

Mrs. C said...

Oh man....insert the "swimsuit diet"....Summer is soo close and cannot wait!!! (minus the swimsuit diet)
Do you like my new boots?


Anné said...

love these photos :)

blogmoodeuse said...

Thanks !! It makes me dream !! I can't wait for summer time and going to "chiringuitos" here to eat some "fried fish" as we call it here "pescaitos fritos" with fresh "sangria" listening to the sweet sound of waves ... Already dreaming ... ;;))


Mia M. said...

YAY!!! Can't wait for summertime!!!!



Absolutely Mrs. K said...

Always love a little Woodstock style. The blanket is so colorful, it brightens up my day. I love what you did with your nails, all the different candy colors. That Volkswagen for me is the best of his kind. It will always be a very cute little bus. The color of your bikini is just fabulous, so bright.

Marcie said...

Summertime, and the living is easy


Zoe said...

Love Love LOve, hurry up summer.



Jenelle Witty said...

Great blanket. The colours are fun. Road trips- I love it! Always inspired by your blog. Congrats on how well it is going. Cheers. Jenelle.


Shilpi Tomar said...

hahahah I love your quirky sense of humor

That neon bra/bikini is totally freakin' sweet

thinking of investing in something neon this summer..



Gabriela said...

Gorgeous photos! definitely following! here is my blogfor you to take a look at. Gabriela xx


LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Lovvvvvve your wedges, and these photos! Wish Summer were closer out here in SoCal, can't wait for beach days and bbqs!


ME=US said...

thank you for giving us this blog! you are great! i love checking here everyday for new post! Please check out ours sometime at wearemeus.blogspot.com

Samantha said...

Your blanket is sooo beautiful..i love patchwork! Been trying to get some but the right patterns are so hard to find! xoxox, sam.

sarah said...

ah this post has brightened my day!

melbourne has had the worst summer :(

inspired to book summer getaway now!


What is Reality Anyway? said...

miss you!!! please tell me you're planning to come back immediately....?! we need the mashley simpson reunion sooner than later. it looks beautiful where you are, so please enjoy for me, california is freezing! it snowed in my hometown and it never ever snows there...like a freak event. but really...come back. <3

Hayley said...

ohhhhh those legs!!!!! you make me want to give up my truffle pizzas hahah

miss you so much!!!! using these pics as inspiration for the upcoming pb photoshoot


Ayya Z. said...

cute blanket, i'm loving that shaggin' wagon!
too bad where i live is getting chilly already..
i have been reading your blog for a while and i must say your blog is one of the most inspirational blogs i have ever come across.
i'm a year twelve student and i was wondering if i could interview you via email for my research project. i will email the details to you.
if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at my blog here.
thank you either way :)

Ayya Z. said...
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Ayya Z. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Irene said...

Summmer!! Love it.
xoxo irene

aNa said...

OMG What a beautiful blanket!

Bex said...

Oo thanks it was bitingly cold today, can't wait for the summer!


Lucas said...

Hello to you. Would you like to tell about my blog in your blog? It would be wonderful. You get a piece of jewelry as a thank you:)


Ashley said...

just came across ur blog. i love everything about it!


Zoë said...

This makes me miss home (Venice Beach) so much! Love the beach vibe and photos throughout your blog!


Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing pictures! I love that blanket!



miriam said...

awesome truck!!

Leotie Lovely said...

Ohhh I love your headpiece...and your grandma's blanket :)x


Mrs. C said...

Love the toes!! Love the van!!! Hellllooo swim suit season diet!!!


AMAIA said...

amazing pics!!


josephine said...

those shoes - so sick!

WENDY said...

Such vintage vehicle :)
Looks to me like a fun day over at the beach!


MoandKa said...

Love it, LOVE it, LVOE IT!

Haute Voltage said...

So ready for summer too!

Unknown said...

You make me miss summer!!
Loving the colors and loving you haha

Kisses Julia


Anonymous said...

these pictures are sick, cant wait for summer!

Unknown said...

loving the photos and cannot wait for summer



Julie said...

Love this!!


Unknown said...

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Justine Cricks said...

Hahaha, that's so right! Summer's a great season to have tons of fun at the beach. Still, the process of getting ready, from finding a swimsuit to getting a bit of waxing done, can feel so hectic. Well, that's all right since it's kinda exciting!