Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Savage

Enfant Sauvage from Claire Gorman on Vimeo.

Recently I styled a shoot with the super talented photographer Sybil Steele of the beautiful Teresa Oman for Bikini Bird and rising star cinematographer Claire Gorman filmed this short film.. I hope you guys enjoy.

On another note I'm off to LA again for a week or so, so I'm crossing my fingers for sunshine..xx


Laura said...

Oh my I am literally obsessing over this shoot! You did an amazing job, I'm especially digging the touches of gold here and there, just my style :) Was inspired by your friendship bracelet post yesterday too, check it out tomorrow ...http://lovethedaylight.com thanks for all the inspiration!

The Clever Clothier said...

i love the eyemakeup... also, the navy feathers are gorgeous...amazing job styling!


ashley h said...

where can i find that blue suit!? you killed it with this shoot by the way ; ) xxx

Mrs. C said...

LOVE your styling on this shoot!!! You always do such an amazing job. Sorry to break it to you but LA is supposed to be getting cold and rainy the next couple days :( booooo!!!


Jana K. said...

Love your styling!

liv said...

Wow.. These are stunning.
Great styling lady, and beautiful work by all.

Liv <3

Kosmic Kate said...

You're a genius.
That video brought tear to my eyes - the haunting music, the sick styling, the beautiful cinematography.


isis said...

oh my gooooood!!! this is so amazing, gorgeous! such interesting lives.

Anonymous said...

your styling is fantastic <3


ALIOMI said...

Beautiful pics

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i love everything you do where you are true to your fashion identity, because you have a unique style and you know how to work with it. first of all, i love the layers and the bohemian feeling. but oh the make-up, the gold is such a fabulous inspiration and it should me a trend. the different knitted textures are extraordinary. the cardigans look amazing. I love it because it is a complete and total package, you have nailed it. oh every little detail is perfect, even the music

Sybil Steele said...

Mandy was so great to have on this shoot, very passionate and really easy going. The metal bird and navy feather necklaces she made herself and were my favorite pieces! The blue suit is by Acacia www.acaciaswimwear.com/ . Amazing suits. Thanks for posting and love, luck and light to you everywhere!

Unknown said...

fabulous photos, beautiful and wild

Spell and the Gypsy Collective said...

Absolutely, mind blowingly beautiful.

Teresa we so proud of you my darl'n!!

Styling... well my breath has been taken away!!

Video!! Claire totally amaze amaze!!

I am lost for words (or apparently not... I cant shut up!!)

haha... xx lizzy

Lonesome Mama said...

Amazing, this is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These pics are amazing!

Have a good time in LA and keep us updated.



Unknown said...

WOW! i love this (and your blog!)
xxx Anne-Sophie

Robin K said...

Great styling and execution for this shoot, well done :)

Patrícia Matias aka dj Pat said...

Really beautiful!! :D


SAMANTHA said...

Seriously breathtaking.


jessica january said...

incredible set of imagery.
i love theresa. she's incredible.

january, x

GypsyMadness said...

Really great. I would wear every piece!


Sofie Ewertsen Nissen said...

It looks alot like the shoot where Kate Moss became famous. If you'll know what Im talking about.

EYGLÓ said...

amazzing!!! ;-)

Piia said...

I couldn´t believe my eyes..it was that gorgeous! I was totally mesmerized by teh styling..especially the jewellery!!!!


Kimberly said...

such great photos love them all!! just stunning can't get enough of the photos!


martha said...

you did an amazing job at styling !!
great vibe to these photos
I wish I had proposals for these type of shootings too..beach love <3

Elisabeth said...


New York Don't Leave Me said...

IMPRESSIVE! love these looks! great job! xoxo


Anonymous said...

oooh my!!!
phenomenal pictures :D:D

MoandKa said...

I love that you are so inspired of indians-boho-feather stlye - you name it! I just posted in my blog pictures of indians.. they give me so much inspiration!
Good job you did! You go girl!


Ugly Cute said...

this is beyond amazing, you are so so talented.


Miss McDougall said...

THE GOLD LEAF is genius !


Dang you rock!! I dont know how else to say it but... i want your life!! can i be you when i grow up? does it matter that im already grown up?


Unknown said...

All such wonderful photos and great styling!!

Xx One More Chance

Claire Dub said...

This is sooooooo good. Everything about the video is amazing as well, I love the waves.

Seventh Of July said...

This is beautiful!!!!!


JENNA L. said...

Sublime job on the styling girl. Heaven.
Yeww about L.A! You're going to have a rad ol time especially with Spring Break in the air. Um did somebody say WILD?!?

x x x
I'm Just a Gal

Anonymous said...

good and beautiful job you made it! bravo Mandy!

Jessi said...

Beautiful! I just want that to be my life. Running through fields of flowers and picking wild mushrooms. Mmmm One day I'll find fairy land:-)



Pirate Hart said...

Beautiful! and I love the gold flake detail!

Mia M. said...

wow, when I saw this at first I thought "this is so mandy, I bet she also had these ideas!!" haha and then I scrolled down and saw you styled it! Great great great job, I would always pick you for a photoshoot, especially when it is at a beach :)
I wish you a great time in LA! Is it work related or more fun-holiday related, if I can ask?
So congrats again for your great styling work, the photos came out really amazing!



elle said...

This is just breathtaking... I'm having a beach party of my birthday (in Scotland, call me crazy!) and this has inspired me no end - you are incredibly talented, thanks for sharing your visions,



camilla said...

i cant stop looking at this post, its incredibly beautiful x

chelsea lee said...

wow...this is insanely gorgeous! love the hair so much...couldn't help but link up to this post on my braids roundup.


Mischel double W said...

wow this photos have such a amazing atmosphere! love them !!


Unknown said...

this is absolutely stunning!!! so inspirational. what beautiful vibes...love the photos and the video.


Ruth said...

Absolutely breathtaking. Well done :) x


Hallo. said...

Wow, I love it! Fantastic! the styling and specially the jewellery are gorgeous!!!


clementeen said...

wonderful thank you

emily said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. this makes me want to braid my hair, put on a huge knit, and paint my face.

vanessa said...

stunning!!!! soooo beautiful

Anonymous said...

love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

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