This Week

photography: Mandy Shadforth

A little snippet of what I've been wearing and doing this week..

1. a favourite vintage necklace
2. my favourite perfumes right now
3. down time mother nature sanity
4. zara studded pouch, perfect for on the run
5. collection of travel finds and favourite pieces
6. weekend with the guys
7. Buffalo girl sling bag
8. Topshop spiked ankle boots. 

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Kaila said...

LOVE these photos!!

Is that a spike earring?! Because it's AMAZING!


Oracle Fox said...

HI Kaila! yes it is I've had it forever..I think that Sass & Bide sell a similar one on their online store. xx

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

OMG ! love these photos so much ! ♥
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :)

nicole said...

Those shoes are gorgeous, I love these photos!


Catherine @ The Spring said...

Beautiful photos - and I love love LOVE your Navajo inspired bag. Making spring time at the beach look good!

- Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)

p.s. Don't forget to represent at the Queensland Blogger link party over at www.thespringblog.com!

Angela said...

Loving these shots - I bought the exact same scents coming home through duty free last week as well ;) So tasty...

Unknown said...

loved the photos, my imagination goes wild when i see these awesome details


Anonymous said...

you are a complete artist! i'm fan of your pictures!!!

I need a dollar said...

beautiful pictures! :)

loubehr said...

Yes yes yes yes yes and yes !!!!!

So coool I love it all :)


Vanja said...

Traveling's the best eh?

I'm a sucker and I spend on clothes but when i get back from my travels I always make a promise that i have to save more to travel more.

Travels are memories; in pictures but mostly laughs and stories with friends. That's a real treasure.

ps. that tusk earring is really nice, even better if it's sterling. i can't find any online except the Pamela Love ones. but yours is more slicker one. love it.

Have a nice day Mandy :)

Buffalo Girl said...

Amazing photos!! So glad your loving your Buffalo Girl Apache Warrior Bag!! xxx

ASH said...

wowjers, some gorgeous photos you have here. Especially enamored with your rug and your mirror! Love buffalo girl bag.

Nastassja said...

wow! you had a great week end!! love the spike earring, your boots are awesome and your bag is just perfect beauty!

xoxo from france

Theresa said...

the big is crazy beautiful. i love your blog. such a great inspiration. amazing post! always!


nice pics :-)



Christina Wonsbeck said...

love the pics ! they rock. :)

Angela Leberte said...

great pictures! love the bag :)


hippyatheart said...

your bag is so stunning

Jessie said...

fabulous things. i am a huge fan of those beautiful pumps. can't believe they are from top shop! got to check them out.
xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

Avocado Sundays said...

love the 'down town mother nature' shot it's gorgeous xo

Rackk and Ruin said...

Love the collection of photos. . . what camera are you using by the way? I'm also hoping that you wear the big metal bell in your hair on that hair tie.

Taylor said...

I really love those Topshop boots, and that amazing bag.

L0Mack said...

Mandy - LOVE your blog. I especially love pieces you do with interiors. Where is the rug under your topshop spiked ankle boots from?

Ria said...

Love that Zara studded pouch.