Birthday Suit

Ok..whether I like it or not it's my birthday this weekend, and I suppose I'm kind of excited because for the first time in ages my birthday has fallen on a Saturday! Yipee!  There's some exciting plans with some of my best friends, which will take the pain away but with this little selection of goodies I think my birthday could be a lot more fun! So those of you (and you know who you are), who keep threatening me with gift vouchers to craft stores...Pay Attention!  I know that some of these pieces may require you to sell an organ but at least you can catch my vibe! xx 


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Those pants make me like pants. Ahhhh.
strawberry freckleface

ediot said...

such a nice outfit. LOVE the knit. it's brilliant
sorry about not responding to the mail. will do so soon.

Unknown said...

that sweater is perfect, i love the print and wang platforms are definitely one of my favourite


Yuka said...
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Yuka said...

love the sweater <3

hope it'll be an amazing day!


SPYT said...

i caved in and bought those pants... they are pretty much just the best thing ive ever owned.

i knew i had to have them when i spotted them on the runway and i still felt as passionately 7 months later. sometimes its love at first sight.

Anna said...

Those glitter pants are amazing!


Anonymous said...

love the pants!

alison said...

Aw, you must be excited about your upcoming birthday! That sweater, is amazing, I'd wear it with anything and everything

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Amazing birthday outfit. What I wouldn't do for the Alexander Wang sandals. They are amazing in silver too. My obsession with the PS1 has also not faded. Great picks.



Heather Cavanaugh said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! I just celebrated my 25th bday :D

Love thise glitter pants!


Jessie said...

i absolutely love the sparkly pink pants. totally show stopping and fantastic.
xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

thestyleflux said...

Those glitter pants are a must have!

xx Kaye
Fashion Blogger

Gawgus things... said...

Oh such wonderful items!! XX

Anonymous said...

Those glittery pants and heels look great. ♥-Axelle


sharla said...

alexander wang makes amazing pants, seriously.

Daphne said...

amazing pants!!! i hope you had a super nice bday!
kisses form peru!

Copper Etiquette said...

I love those peices..I dont know if I would wear those together but beautiful still.
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