DIY Snap Hook Bracelet

This is a super easy DIY I did this week!  You don't need much and the end result is kind of cool.  I picked up my supplies from a small hardware store..

Items to make..
1. 5mm Gauge Snap Hook
2. Set of Two Rope Splice Clips 6mm
3. Colourful Safety Rope, I used 6mm x 10mm
4. Pliers

1. Cut the rope to go around your wrist and then add on another 5 cm's or so
2. Thread the Snap hook through one end and then double back and fasten with a Splice
4.  Create a loop with the other end and fasten with the second Splice
5. Clip onto your wrist!

Hey presto!!
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and get into some nerdy crafternoon action. xx

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Kiah Cole said...

This is very cool!

ASH said...

cool. where is your large ring from? low luv?

Brooke said...

I'm totally doing this!

Emily Ulrich said...

Never would have thought it was so simple to do!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Love the additional metal the splicers add...great diy doll :)

XoXo-Kelli K

Caddy said...


rouli said...


amalia said...

So smart!!!!Loved it!


Copper Etiquette said...

Great idea!
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angelieeee said...

cool !♥
xxxo from Argentina

you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

Hillary said...

I love this idea!


amalie said...

that's awesome! x

Amela. said...

Wow! Never thought you could make a perfect looking bracelet out of these items. With love,

Alice and Gabriella said...

so cool! definetely give a try


Carolina Sundell said...

DIY stuff are the BEST! <3

Angela said...

Mega love for the pink!

Jamie-Maree said...

Loved it!

Went out straight away and tried it-perfect!

Thanks x


klaudia said...

amazing d.i.y :o))

kate and the cake said...

ha ha this is so cool!
love it!

Jessica Esther said...

this is a very nice and easy diy.
hopefully could do that soon!
thx for awesome inspiration!


Jessica Esther said...

this is a very nice and easy diy.
hopefully could do that soon!
thx for awesome inspiration!


FrogPrincess said...

Great idea for bracelet! :)

Sarita said...

Such a fantastic idea! Looks so good and fun, the pink color is really nice with a black outfit for example!
I should definetly try that or something like that, thanks for sharing!:)

cajsa said...


Anonymous said...

i love this!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like this. Very interesting idea.
thanks for this
I also share my idea how to make another bracelet - as that first on your hand.



Joanna said...

omg! such a cute idea! love it! follow me back maybe?


maverick diva said...

doing this tomorrow! I just made a couple of square stitch bracelets and this would be perfect to add to my wrist.


thea natalie said...

LOVE this Mandy, and you have the same LowLuv ring as meeeee :)

Hope you're well babe xx

Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life

Lyrica Onyrica said...

Nice, mice!!


jesi said...

great tutorial! it looks so easy :)

indie by heart said...

Aww how cool! : D

You can often get the most fabulous supplies for jewellery etc. from hardware stores !

xx indie by heart