Day Of The Dead

Ohh man these images from Planet Blue's latest campaign really make me wish we celebrated Halloween here in Australia.  You can also check out their amazing 'How To' here to create this beautiful Dia De Los Muertos make up. xx

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Jessica Stein said...

Ahhh Mandy I think you can read my mind!! Was just texting my boyfriend saying I want to go Day of the Dead style to a halloween party and need to get face paint.. and tada this post popped up! So amazing.

Will put the 'How to' in to practice and see how it goes.

Hope you're well my love, always thinking of you Xx

Anonymous said...

no offense but that really looks like they ripped it a copy of a copy and kind of
been there done that

Severine Arend said...

GAH ! the makeup is amazing, the jewelry even more so. Awesome imagery.

SAMANTHA said...

ah i love these effects! happpy halloweeen!


Anonymous said...

in LOVE with the jewellery!
thanks for sharing :)


Sister Golden Air said...

Love the sugar skull make-up! That's what I'd wear if we celebrated Halloween...

Avocado Sundays said...

wow those faces are so intense! cool pictures :)


Fiel Sol Jewellery said...

WOW, just gorgeous!

Amazing make-up and stunning pics xx


Anonymous said...

It's funny how all the models used for these ethnic shoots are usually and typically, white. Last time I checked there were plenty of beautiful ETHNIC girls who could have played the role far better. But I guess then it wouldn't be as cool as seeing some lithe white girl with blank soulless eyes trying her darndest to convey some sort of authenticity. Consumers continue sopping it up as if it's the greatest thing. It's rather disappointing to see this promoted so heavily in blogs now as well. Seeing white girls ripping on every bit of world culture with their proverbial dream catcher is exhausting and annoying, but it's disturbing seeing editorial after editorial with obvious influences from various world cultures, always modeled by white girls.

Please think of the very cultures that you're ripping from. Do you treat the people from these cultures with the same regard and adulation? Really, do you? Or are they dismissed as easily as a trend of the past? Food for thought.

Unknown said...

awesome post, these photos look great!! I go to Mexico on saturday for the day of the dead festival and I will hopefully get some beautiful photographs to blog with!! Please do check them out.



Wildthingsrunfast said...

Definitely the handy work of Ashley Glorioso.

I'm Canadian, and have celebrated Halloween my whole life. Last year I lived in Aus, and was so sad not to celebrate halloween. This year I'm living in South Africa, and they don't celebrate it here either. Boo!


rouli said...

have no words

amazin make up

<3 the maxi thing


GvN said...

These photos are amazing!
Thanks for sharing!

amalie said...

wooww these pictures are aweesome!

Jo said...

great dresses, great accessories, I love it.

as for the lengthy anonymous comment criticising this type of thing, I thing we're all being a little too PC when it comes to this type of stuff, this shoot isn't trying to make a statement I think, it's simply playing on an inspiration, just like a menswear inspired outfit for a woman isn't bought entirely in the men's section. but I guess it's easy to say just about anything under the guise of anonimity.

jo from slowcatharsis.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

you look great;)


Amazing pictures! :-)

Hillary said...

These are awesome, and it's such a perfectly simple Halloween costume. I wish I'd thought of it this year, but no, I'm taking way too much time constructing a unicorn horn. Hrumph!


Anonymous said...


Inhale | Fashion and Beauty said...

people have issues. the pics look great.
Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

Irene Morengo said...

I LOVE THE MAKE-UP! It's amazing :)

Check out my blog:
besitos <3

danielle p. said...

omg, this is all kinds of perfect. love!


The Annachrist said...

I'm so excited about celebrating my first day of the dead here in San Diego next week!!

ASH said...

Creepy but cool!

FashionMoto said...

Thank y0u f0r sharing this p0st Mandy! This is a great Hall0ween makeup f0r me since i l0ve skuLLs! ^_^

we have been f0ll0wing y0u since we created 0ur bL0g ab0ut tw0 m0nths ag0.






als0 c0nnect with us thru g00gLe

Thank y0u! ϡ

Lidiya said...

I adore all of the make-up, especially that first shot of the face - creepy but in freakishly good way <3

kittenmasks said...

Yay, cultural appropriation! I fucking love this shoot - it's almost as good as when Vogue Italia did blackface, except this is so much more less offensive because it's about religion, right, and not racial features? Planet Blue is always so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Dia de los Muertos has nothing to do with Halloween, folks. Educate yourselves:


Kerold och Carolinas reflektioner said...

Wow! Thank for the tip and the link to the how-to. I also really love this make-up.

Paolita@BerryHaute said...

Being from Mexico but living elsewhere makes me miss El Dia de los Muertos, your post made up for it though;)

GASONG said...

Nice photos and nice make up!


Anonymous said...

amazing! love the styling and the overall feel of these images! I was totally a sugar skull last year for halloween and then again for a photoshoot earlier this month!

XO Sahra

Miss Oh' said...

I just can't get enough of these pics, keep looking at them :)
That makeup is a cute kind of scary, love it!



savin said...

wow, I Like ! <3

Zapraszam na mojego nowo powstałego bloga;) Pozdrawiam SAVIN

SaraKateSwan said...

This is awesome. Id say that make-up was a bitch to take off though, ha.


Her Persona said...

absolutely amazing. i wish we celebrated halloween in aus too.. it is becoming more popular though :)


Anonymous said...

it's simply playing on an inspiration, just like a menswear inspired outfit for a woman isn't bought entirely in the men's section. but I guess it's easy to say just about anything under the guise of anonimity.
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