Shark Bait

The detailing in the Givenchy Spring 2012 show captured my heart, I must admit it might have been the shark teeth that tipped the aquatic 'scales' for me..

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Bonnie Friday said...

Everything about the detail in this collection is amazing: the teeth, the shoes, the tiny pleats and the make-up! Simply perfection.


Angela said...

The eye detail is so rad...everything just flows so well together. Love it.

A x

Twins said...

So pure, elegant... Love all the accessorizes!


Unknown said...

love these accessories, such strong statement pieces


MJS said...

the detailing in this collection is impeccible! and the subtle pastel color is equally as great.

i'd love it if you checked out my blog. you've been the biggest inspiration to me when it comes to blogging! your personal style is so clear and delightful.



thestyleflux said...

Amazing details! Absolutely adore this collection :)

Fashion Blogger

† Faire La Gueule † said...

Givenchy never fails ;)

Callahan Brooks said...

Absolutly love the shark teeth, such a beautiful detail, and such a different look to how you normally see 'tooth' like designs x

.SweetScape. said...

uauuu... love it.
xoxo, bruna.

Lauren Helen said...

Love the makeup - really cute :)


Parisian Street Society said...

I agree the shark tooth with the little neck bag is great, love it.xx Shannyn

Sam Ellis said...


Copper Etiquette said...

I think it adds to the collection

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Anonymous said...

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