Where The Wind Blows

L'Official Nov 11
photographer: Marcin Tyska
model: Maja Salomon
stylist: Alexandra Elbim
hair: Kasper
makeup: Wilson

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sonia // daring coco said...



Donna said...

literally in love with this photo shoot! the fur looks stunning in every picture!


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!

Catherine Liem said...

crazily vibrant outfits~ half indie, have legendary. liking this editorial !!!

Style Hostess

Cylia said...

imagine me wearing that on the streets right now. fabulous.

nataliya said...

gorgeous! what a great way to wear the celine print silky outfit!


Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Loved these photos! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

agnesska fashion said...

Mmmm just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh Man!! Love this! Oooh especially those sequin embellished pants!


isaobeso said...

those are some awesome furs


Lauren Helen said...

The sequined pants are so perfect! I'm not a huge fan of the fur, though.

EryRae said...

all about the http://www.thecobrasociety.com/ boots

mycloset said...

Thank you for the amazing inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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