Wild Beauty

Sooo beautiful..

Vogue Brasil Jan 2012
photographer: Renam Christofoletti
model: Marcelia Freesz
stylist: Yasmine Sterea

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Jaeger said...

These are awesome!



Anonymous said...

Wow, these are amazing! :) x

Anonymous said...

I doubt you could take a bad photo of that face x

martinegrorud said...

Wooow! awesome!

Lola Jaro said...

love the first shot

Style by Lola Jaro

Gabi Barbará said...

beautiful!!! I love her necklace (both of them)!!!

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbará

kay said...

SO IMPECCABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these photos.

Her Persona said...

these pieces are amazing


Perfumista Utopista said...

The dress in the last picture is amazing!

Lauren Helen said...

these are so beautiful - love the colouring of the photos!

Wang's Factory said...

The spikey knit top is hooot


Anonymous said...

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