Like A Rolling Stone

 Yes it's finally friday afternoon, hoorayy! While I was in Sydney recently it was so nice to get some photos in a different environment to where I live, you know the ones..sun, beach, sand yadah yadah.  I hung out for a few hours with the beautiful Jysla and we found some awesome little side streets, it was so much fun.  Well I hope you guys have all had a great week, I'm looking forward to the weekend...let the sun shine!  xx 

shirt: Lee, short: vintage, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell,  jewellery: Asos, street vendors, Low Luv, sunglasses: House Of Harlow
photography: Jysla Kay

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watermeloncrush.com said...

Gorgeous Mandy!


xiaohan said...

You look stunning Mandy! Jysla's photos are amazing xx

Catherine Liem said...

hot! this is such a polished, yet a big jaggy style take on denim and classic cut shorts. Really like the fact u decided to wear that Low Luv. it looks great !!

Style Hostess

Unknown said...

You look stunning!

Jane Alisa said...

Such a gorgeous outfit. xoxo

Twins said...

Your boots with the shorty are super nice!
I like your outfit post! The bracelet is amazing and Im sure so much cheaper than the "Hermes" if it comes from Asos!
I will take a look on their website! xx

kiss xx


chrisazur said...

i like your style, it's perfect for the Week end!

Unknown said...

Rock that double denim yo xxx


Domonique Wilson said...

The shoes are just epic...especially paired with the double denim!

Enjoy the remainder of your Friday :)


Xenia said...

Excellent photo! A lot of sun. And we have bad weather. Snow and rain.

From www.xeanafashion.com

style-xyz said...

you look awesome! I love this shoots, so sunny!

Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Great look! Love the double de denim in combination with the biker booties!


Amanda said...

Love this outfit! Great photos!

MEAT said...

Ow HELLO boots!

MONI said...

love the look and gorgeous hair!!!


Ahka Vintage said...

I love the style - and the photographs are amazing! Jysla Kay is popping up all over the place! XX
Ahka Vintage SHOP
Ahka Vintage BLOG

nadja said...

amazing photos and outfit!

Borjana said...

This should be in a magazine,amazing shots!

nataliya said...

you look gorgeous!!! love the hardware!


Morgan Elizabeth said...

amazing arrowhead necklace

Cara said...

looking good :) ahh looks so warm there too...love your blog :)

Fabliha said...

you are so stunning! :)

kristina said...

these are such lovely photos of you!!

Pimkie said...



the chilicool said...

You look fab! Love the shoes!




Nena said...

Gorgeous boots!


Berglind said...

You are bad-ass cool and stunning.. LoveLove

Georgiana xx said...

I love this! you look AMAZING so effortless cool xx


Unknown said...

Really cool outfits great look !
Nice to see you somewhere else than Sand :)

Kelly Dillon said...

Loving all the studs...especially the booties!


the goorgeous said...

this rocks!
love the denim shirt soo bad..

Cité Paradis said...

Great boots!!


Sara said...



strike the pose said...

WOW! Really love, LOVE these pictures!

By the way, I'm having an incredible Guess heel GIVEAWAY on the blog and I know you're interested ;) CLICK HERE to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I really love this look! The studs and jeans are just perfect. How did you manag to knot your hair? It looks great. ♥-Axelle


Anonymous said...

picket fence, grass, and a sidewalk. thats a perfect little suburbia and denim

cupit & vellum

Rianna said...

Very lovely outfit as always. Boots in particular.

I'm going to sydney in October, are there any cool shopping areas that are worth a visit, not like chain stores, one off boutique places or vintage shops that I wont find in the u.k? Dont just want to do the usual tourist stuff.

After sydney we are heading to Toowoomba where my sister lives. Can't wait!

Rianna xx

liv said...

These are stunning!
You look so so gorgeous Mandy!

Liv <3

Anonymous said...

Great boots!

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JADE EMILY said...

In Love with these images! x

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Anonymous said...

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