Miami High

One of my favourite photographers She Is Frank for We Are Handsome..

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Kristi W said...

Love this campaign :) The super saturated hues look fabulous and make me want to transport there right now!! Thanks for such an inspiring personal style blog, I love reading your posts.

Kristi xx


Anonymous said...

I really want a bikini/bathingsuit from We Are Handsome this summer. They're so surprising! ♥-Axelle


vanillachic said...

MAN those ladies are hotties!! I can't wait for summer time. These pics are getting me motivated!


Ria said...

Oh Miami scenery so perfect sometimes.

Catherine Liem said...

oh noes..and why would they close it down?? =/
btw, these beach outfits are so nice. definitely liking the photographer's works. amazing <3
*hope Google will restore the service soon =| *

Style Hostess

Ida said...

I have to get that b&w tiger bikini!

I have own blog via blogger, but I haven't heard a thing about closing that google follow thingy!


Style Servings said...

Amazing, loving the mismatched prints!


Anonymous said...

amazing pics!!



Anonymous said...

love the collection!!!

Lips N Stick said...

I love these!! Just saw an amazing swimsuit on shopbop.com the one with the dog on the front! Soo cute!


sarahtheda said...

Really want summer!
Hope Google will restore the service very soon !



Kasza Manna said...

OMG it's great photos!!!!!!! I love that!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Luà said...

Love these pics!
btw i'm already following you on bloglovin ;)

Mariamma Iris said...

I love these! Thanks for posting them!


Elleys-swedish bloger said...

Thats amazing!
Really looking forward to the summer, its minus 20 degrees here in sweden!

WhatsTrendingNow said...

OMG - amazing pieces!!! love your blog


Nena said...

Love it!


Nicolle said...

God, these pics really make me crave summer even more!!!
Love the saturated colors extremely!!!

karin said...

I´m your follower already in BLOGLOVIN,these pictures are great just like your blog.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

These are amazing photos! Can't it be summer already?



Empress Of Norway said...

but..it only ends for non-Blogger bloggers? hmm. confusing

the goorgeous said...

smells like summer!!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

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