Oracle Fox Editorial 'Boneyard Misfits'

    "Destined for trouble and a life of misspent youth.  Two misfits on a path together to escape the boneyards of truth.."
I'm so excited to finally be able to share with you an editorial that my friend photographer Nat Lanyon and I conceptualised and created.  Sometimes I wonder whether living in a smaller community seperated from the fashion world is a disadvantage and then I think to myself that in the most refreshing way it can be an advantage in itself.  Nat and I started planning this shoot over two months ago and with lot's of research, creative enthusiasm and armed with a couple of cartons of Crown lager managed to wrangle and bribe an amazing team of people to bring it all together... we hope that you enjoy! xxx Mandy

photographery: Nat Lanyon
models: Yoanna Clifton @ Busy Models +
Anna Gibbs @ Busy Models
stylist: Yours truelly..Mandy Shadforth @ Oracle Fox
makeup: Prue Edwards..thank you Prue xx
stylist assistant: Tess Power
photographic assistant: Rebecca Smith
videographer: Nat Lanyon
creative direction: Mandy Shadforth + Nat Lanyon
special thanks to: Randall for your sick wheels and to Pete for your hospitality and to The Ox you bearded bogan..

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This is badass! The vibe to the photos is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

This video makes me want to relive my dangerously irresponsible youth.

Katrina said...

So kick ass! I love the giant stars.

xoxo - http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

Lauren Helen said...

Wow, I love these, especially the shots with the stars on their faces!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is incredible!
The stars make such an impact!
Love these shots !

Style Willow
Style Willow

SW x

Amanda said...

I reaaly love this! Well done Mandy with the styling!

† Faire La Gueule † said...

Double thumbs up girl!!
Absolutely fantastic editorial...savage environment and misfit attitude

In love with your Noir sunglasses and Chanel silk bomber, where to find that jacket??



Anonymous said...

I looove it!!!

What song is it? Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos!!!

strike the pose said...

WOW! You're so talented, this looks incredible!


Leeloo said...

you did a fantastic job!

enjoythesilence said...


Elisabeth said...

Love the shorts on the 6th picture :D Cool Post!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, I love this! The styling is great ♥-Axelle


style-xyz said...

like this shoots very much, they are so inspiring!


ASH said...

Hey lady,

This is so damn wicked!

The Lamb said...

This is amazing and it's been executed so well!


kristina said...

awesome work mandy!!!

Dress and Dish:Lana said...

Cool photo shoot! The pictures are beautiful!!! xo

jacci stallone said...

wow, love this...

Despina said...

Wonderful blog!!!!


Unknown said...

These shots are insane. LOVE everyone of them.

The stars the angles everything is so lovely!

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CJ said...



Mimmi said...

Wow how cool are these kids! Wish I could hang out with them. Love it!



Kerold och Carolinas reflektioner said...

Fierce editorial! Love the styling, it's rockin'

Unknown said...

omg this is wonderful!!!!!! <3

makeyouzing said...

Love this shoot!
I love those sunnies too!
What brand are the sunnies worn by the brunette? Does anyone know?


A Fox That Meows said...

well done lady was looking at these thinking they where super unique and then of course they are original and created by you even better xx My blog- A Fox That Meows ♥

nataliya said...

very cool!!! i love the setting and the black stars!!!!


type.write said...

LOVE such a rad shoot!


Tessa: said...

Insane. Really cool shoot, especially in love with the shot on bike!

Melnutrishion said...

Amazing blog & wonderful styling!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Makes me yearn for summertime and my best friend :)

grasie said...

amazing spread! really great work...congrats!

Jane Alisa said...

This is major! LOVE the Miu Miu glasses xoxo

Anonymous said...

You misspelled separated in your description of the video! Change the "e" to an "a:" sepArated.


Anonymous said...

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